Tiffany Flair comments on seperation from Ric Flair

Tiffany Flair appeared on “The Unholy Matrimony Show” and discussed her relationship with Ric Flair. “It’s been an adventure for sure,” Tiffany said while acknowledging that they are separated but still married. She said she doesn’t think there’s a chance for reconciliation. “I’m letting Ric Flair be Ric Flair and that probably doesn’t include me.”

Tiffany said Ric calmed down for four years, but he still wants to be the jet flying, limousine riding man he talks about in the promo. She explained that she’s letting Flair be himself and that doesn’t really include her. She said she left him in June and added that Flair already has a couple girlfriends. Tiffany said they would already be divorced, but you have to wait a year in North Carolina. To listen to the full interview, check out