The Great Debate WFU/ECU moves to the Wake Forest message board

The topic we went to work on back in Tuesday’s edition has made it’s way the Wake Forest Demon Deacon message board where they have posted 46 responses, with 2032 views, covering three pages of content.

We felt like this would make for a strong topic with lively discussion and here’s what a few people are saying over there about who is better this season, Wake Forest or ECU????? Both teams have done well but who would win out in a head-to-head matchup?????? Here’s what’s being said:

Not a chance for ECU. Great wins, but if they were to line it up Sat. ECU would still be thinking about WVU, when we(WAKE FOREST) have been there before so we would be a worthy opponent. Here or Greenville we’d take it.

You would still say Wake is the top team in NC.

I’m not sure which team is better at the moment. I’m not trying to take away from what ECU has done this year, but VT and WVU are both overrated this year. However, I would not feel safe playing the Pirates this season. They look a lot like Wake in the sense that they are a solid team throughout instead of having 2-3 superstars. I do know this is a statement year for ECU if they want to move into the Big East, and so far so good.

ECU is not better than us. They have all the players who would have gone to an ACC school but couldn’t get in. Seriously. I’m glad they’ve won their past two games but they were playing teams that were overrated.

ECU And Wake are well coached but I will go with my Deacons.

Props to ECU they have played well, my point is that they have beaten two very average teams and have a tendency to lose to a Marshall or a Rice like they have in the recent past, and that there is a reason they stopped playing us back in 2005.

One thing that stinks about the end of the WF/ECU series is the lost opportunity for exposure. IIRC, not one of the 5 games between WF and ECU played during the Grobe era was televised. This year, a WF/ECU game would have gotten a lot of attention and a very nice TV slot. Also, the winner of the game (IMO WF, but who knows?) would have gotten a nice strength of schedule boost.

Wake would crush ECU…they barly beat a horrible VT and an extreamly overrated WVU team with a new coach playing on the road.

*****It is always interesting to see what the fans are saying and we leave the above 8 selections for you to enjoy.*****