Southeast “Topps” Southern in Wild Finish

Southeast Guilford quarterback Terrance Topps connected with Kir Turner on a 34 yard touchdown pass with 1:21 left in the game to lead the Falcons to a wild 21-14 win over Southern Guilford.

Things started off well for Southeast who scored on the game’s opening drive when Tivon Clark ripped off a 64 yard touchdown run. Southern would take advantage of a turnover which gave the Storm great field position leading them to their first score of the game, a 2 yard touchdown run by Scottie Wayne. The PAT was blocked and Southeast held a one point advantage that, after a scoreless second quarter, the Falcons would take to the locker room.

In the second half, things started off badly for Southern as Southeast recovered a Scottie Wayne fumble and took over on the Storm’s 29 yard line. On this drive, the Falcons overcame a number of penalities when Topps found Tyrell Anderson whose juggling catch in the end zone gave Southeast a 14-6 lead.

This contest was far from over. Southern would pull within two points, early in the fourth quarter on a 1 yard run by quarterback Darren Garcia. The Storm’s drive appeared to stall on the Southeast 23 yard line but a pass interference penalty on the fourth down pass play gave Southern new life at the Southeast 11 yard line. The Storm went for two and cashed in when Al Yeboah found Darius Jefferson in the back corner of the end zone to tie the score with just over 9 minutes to play in the game.

After trading possessions, Southeast took over in the game’s final minutes and drove to the Southern 34 yard line where the Falcons faced a 4th and long with just over a minute and a half left. Just as the game looked headed for overtime, Topps’ scrambling ability took over. Facing a heavy rush, Topps ran from sideline to sideline, in what can only be described as a Michael Vick-like effort, looking for an open receiver. Spotting Turner in the end zone, Topps flung the ball in his direction and the receiver hauled it in for the game winning score.

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  1. can’t wait to see EG/SG matchup. The north state is a pretty underrated conference. EG won 24-0 today they forced 7 turnovers in a great win. o yea kudos to ragsdale for knocking off page.

  2. Wfmy channel 2 left the game early…..They gave the Topps touchdown pass to Tyrell Anderson the Play of the Day Award and it wasn’t even the best play in that game. I have video footage of the Topps play. My video is missing about 1 second because I thought they had kid tackled. You have got to get footage of this play from Coach Fritz. It’s unbelievable. I don’t think there is another kid in the state who could have made that play.

    I think it was 4th and long when Topps dropped back to pass. A defensive lineman came in untouched. Topps stepped to his left and pumped faked the d-lineman to get him off his feet. Once the defensive lineman was airborne, Topps rolled to far right side of the field looking for a receiver. He couldn’t find one, so he cut back his left picking up a block from 56. About 3/4 of way to the left sideline, he starts a slow trot like he’s tired, giving up on the play, and running out of options. The kid was playing possum. . He goes to cut and he nearly slips to the turf. He throws one hand down keep his balance. He keeps his feet and makes his cut as a Storm defender grabs him around his waist and completely spins him around. Topps manages to break the tackle and begins to head to the other side of the field. He picks up a nice block from 33. Heading to the other side of the field, he almost goes down again, but manages to keep his balance. Finally, he spots Turner heading into the end zone and hits him for the winning touchdown. This kid played QB, PK, Punter, CB, and lined up at running this game.

    It was an exciting game, but to be honest with you, it shouldn’t have even been close. The Storm’s first touchdown came after a Topps pass that was juggled by a Falcon RB into the hands of a defender on the 8. The Storm never crossed midfield the rest of the half. Before halftime, Topps was getting into a good rhythm throwing the football. The kid drives his team down field and gets taken out for the back up on the goal line. I have attended all three Falcon football games and this is something that they do regularly. It makes no sense to me. How can u take a kid with that much talent out of the ball game in goal line situations. He’s their best player in space. I don’t get it. Anyway, they ran a couple of running plays and the back up throws an interception. Don’t get me wrong, the back up QB is a pretty good athlete. He probably has more pass receptions than any other Falcon receiver. I know that this is Topps’ first year playing QB, but what I witnessed tonight, says that he should never leave the field. Put kid under center in practice if you’re worried about the Center/QB exchange. Don’t handicap your team.

    The last Storm TD was aided by a Pass interference penalty. Southeast was clearly the better football team. However, they have a long way to go before they can spell the D word (Dudley).

  3. Congrats to SE and another big play by Tavon Clark.

    Big Congrats to Eastern Guilford and Coach Loosemore. EG has lots of team speed and a cool offense. Ragsdale could see that when the two teams scrimmaged. After the fire it’s good to see EG playing so well. The school neede this.

    Congrats to SW Randolph. They move to 3-1. Good to see those boys experience some success after the past few years. Hard work does pay off.

  4. It was one of the most athletic plays I have ever seen and I have watched a lot of football. You are correct, Southeast controlled most of the game but I give credit to the kids from Southern. They hung around and made it a heck of a ball game. Damon, if you have the video and a place to host it, send a link to our webmaster, Don Moore and we’ll try to get it up on the site (and give you the proper credit for shooting it). If you have the video, email Don and we’ll see what we can do. It was one of the more fun games I have watched in a long time.

  5. I was at this game tonight and it was amazing! That was the greatest play I have ever seen. Doug, please put the video of that play up at the site and thanks to greensboro sports for covering our game tonight. Go Falcons!

  6. Tom, I did not get a video of that play but Damon, who posted above, says he has a video of the play. If he posts it on YouTube, we will try and get him to send us a link and we’ll post it here or embed the video at It ranks right up there was one of the greatest plays I have seen.

  7. how come the post words get cut off on the right you might want to make the ads on the right smaller so that all the words can be seen. That game was incredible. I would love to see the video also.

  8. The scoreboard clock was not working at the game last night. The PA man said it was 1:21 unofficially. When Southern got the ball, there seemed to be very little time left as they only ran one play, then the game was over. Seven seconds left makes that play even more impressive.

  9. I have searched my house for my usb cable for my digital camcorder and just can’t seem to find it. I recorded the Southeast/Southern Game onto miniDV. Is there anyone on here I can let borrow the MiniDV to get this play on this site.


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