In case you missed it:The Final Word from Alan Ashkinazy

I thought long and hard about it last night(Thursday) and it’s time for all this to end and let everyone move on, especially the boys.

My time at Grimsley was GREAT and I’ll miss it deeply but like John Delbert said, it really is no big deal. Everyone will be fine and the boys are good enough not just to move on but to continue to win. When the new coach comes in, he needs everyones total support to keep Grimsley’s winning tradition. I’ll be rooting for you guys. I hope what I’ve taught you about baseball doesn’t go away because I go away. If that’s the case maybe I’m really not a good coach. It was great to see the overwhelming support you have all given me. The attention was great (Delbert…we are all egomaniacs) but what is most important is the kids and to let them be.

Thank You Anna Brady for bringing me in and talking to me face to face. That meant a lot to me and I hope your new job at Grimsley is long and prosperous. For all the kids that are thinking of not playing because of this, THINK AGAIN!! You only have one High School Career and I promise you, if you don’t play, you will regret it when you’re older. You will not hear from me again and that might make everone happy! To all the players I have coached over the last four years… ONE, TWO, THREE…WHIRLIES!