BEAT THE JOCK:CiCi’s Pizza NFL Picks Contest Week #2, Second View

Time again for somebody to win the TWO FREE PIZZA BUFFETS from CiCi’s Pizza, which includes drinks, all from your local CiCi’s Pizza Buffet. Cecil Carr was our winner last week, and we will see how his picks line up against Big Jim Modlin’s selections this week, to see how CC does now that he is the CiCi’s champion.

We will need your total points scored in the Carolina Panthers-Chicago Bears game to determine our Tie-Breaker this week. Last week it was the Panthers over the San Diego Chargers 26-24 for a total of 50 points.

Here we go with Big Jim’s picks for this week, feel free to join in at any time.

It’s week No.2 in the NFL and 8-6 isn’t good but it’s not bad. I’m still trying to figure out how the winner went 10-6 when we only picked 14 games…hmm. I do know Jake and the boys cost me 1 and Monday Night, where I went out on 2 limbs cost me 2…..We told you on our Football in Focus Show that week 1 was the most difficult; well you guessed it, week 2 is now the most difficult! So here we go……

Chicago over the Panthers-I had Carolina going 1-1 thru 2-after stealing 1 in SD the math was easy! I hope Chicago is good enough to pull it off for 2 straight weekends-that’s why we play ‘em!

Detroit to win at home against the Pack. GB can’t win on the road, can they?

NY Giants to continue to look like defending champions beating a screwy St. Louis team

Indy over Minn. in a road dome-Can the ponies start 0-2? NO!

Oakland over KC-I said Oakland could go 3-1 early, well it’s win baby now or 0-2

Washington over New Orleans-Just enough ‘Skins offense to win. No hurricanes forecast for D.C. or Saints marching

Cincy to beat the poor depressed Titans who got booed at home,even though they won-has anyone seen Vince?-Tenn. might enjoy getting out of town.

Jax who lost in week 1, over Buffalo who won. Jax is still one of the elite teams in the AFC

Seattle beats teams they are supposed to beat at home. this time The 49′ers go down.

Atlanta over TBay-QB injured in TB. I’m feeling lucky with The ‘Birds

Houston, who is a pretty good team must win games like this over a pretty good Baltimore team-Texans win at home

The Farves, I mean the Jets over The Tom Brady-less Patriots….NE might step up but, it’s still showtime in the Big Apple

Arizona over Miami-you talk about a boring matchup! Home team the only factor

San Diego over Denver-the Chargers were 1 lousy play away from 1-0….you know the rest. Both teams will be 1-1

Pittsburgh over Cleveland in Ohio-can Cleveland be as bad as week 1? Yes, Brownies fall to 0-2

Dallas is Super Bowl bound-that equals beating Philly and Donavan at home with Tony getting cheered and who knows what else by Jessica!

*****We need all of your winners and the total points scored in the Carolina Panthers-Chicago Bears game. And as it was back in the days of radio, that’s the Chicago Bears at the Carolina Panthers, and then the caller making the picks would always say, “And where are they playing that game?” Yes, that’s Chicago at the Carolina Panthers(Somewhere in Charlotte, N.C.

Good Luck…..*****