Beat the Jock:CiCi’s Pizza NFL Picks Week #2 Results

Marshall Brown will be putting the pizzas down as he finishes out in front at (11-4) tied with last week’s winner Cecil(CiCi)Carr. MB and CC both wind up at 11 wins and four losses but Carr won in week one and Brown used the tie-breaker to eliminate all doubt with 30 toward the 37 points in Sunday’s Panthers-Bears game, where CC had it at 44 total, going over the barrel.

Chuckyd, and Mike finish up at (10-5), NotJimMelvin, Hollywood and Buzz go out at (9-6), Mick holds on at (8-7) and Big Jim climbs out of the pit, but still is hanging in like the QCB on the Pack Man’s Show at (7-8).

More pizzas served coming your way next week from CiCi’s Pizza.

6 thoughts on “Beat the Jock:CiCi’s Pizza NFL Picks Week #2 Results

  1. We will have to see if Big Jim will buy for all if he was to fall again next week……

    We may have to get the QCB in here to lift us up or maybe Ed Ross can come in and make this even more exciting.

  2. OK, Pile on, but it’a a long season so you better get me now for at the end………well, we know what happened last year! Andy is in charge of FOOD SUPLY-I just do the pickin’! So get with AD for food. By the way, I’m still waiting on my food from last year when I beat you all like stepchildren, so good luck!

  3. Did someone say GCB? That sounds familiar. That Cici’s mac and cheese pizza is gonna be tastin’ familiar too! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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