Beat the Jock:CiCi’s Pizza NFL Picks Week #2 Results

Marshall Brown will be putting the pizzas down as he finishes out in front at (11-4) tied with last week’s winner Cecil(CiCi)Carr. MB and CC both wind up at 11 wins and four losses but Carr won in week one and Brown used the tie-breaker to eliminate all doubt with 30 toward the 37 points in Sunday’s Panthers-Bears game, where CC had it at 44 total, going over the barrel.

Chuckyd, and Mike finish up at (10-5), NotJimMelvin, Hollywood and Buzz go out at (9-6), Mick holds on at (8-7) and Big Jim climbs out of the pit, but still is hanging in like the QCB on the Pack Man’s Show at (7-8).

More pizzas served coming your way next week from CiCi’s Pizza.