Jeff Hardy can’t get off the ground

from the UK Sun and
World Wrestling Entertainment officials are looking into reports that Hardy was involved in some sort of incident at Nashville Airport in Tennessee early this morning.

According to the former tag and intercontinental champion was removed from a flight heading to North Carolina by cops. He was traveling with his brother Matt and wrestling pal Gregory Helms.

An eyewitness said: “Hardy wasn’t in handcuffs, but he was clearly being ‘escorted’.

“They weren’t touching him though, but they had him flanked.

“He was wearing the same clothes he left the building in Tuesday night.

“Once they got him off the plane they allowed him to use his phone, before leading him away.”

No one currently knows why Hardy was removed from the flight.

A WWE spokesperson exclusively told SunSport: “WWE has been informed of an alleged incident involving Jeff Hardy.

“We are currently investigating the situation and will take appropriate actions if needed.”

Smackdown headliner Hardy is scheduled to face Triple H for the WWE Heavyweight Championship at the No Mercy PPV on October 5.