BEAT THE JOCK:CiCi’s Pizza NFL Picks Contest Week #3

This week’s and the winner every week receives Two FREE Buffets plus Drinks from CiCi’s Pizza and again we thank our good friend Jack at the CiCi’s on Battleground Avenue for helping us to line up the contest again this season.

We will stick with the Total Points in the Carolina Panthers’ games and this week the Panthers meet the Vikings on the road in Minnesota coming up on Sunday afternoon. (Total Points:Panthers-Vikings)

Here’s Big Jim Modlin from the Fitness Today on Randleman Road with this week’s lineup of games:

Here we go with our exotic picks in week No. 3 of the National Football League. They have been so exotic[wrong] that I’m near the bottom of that snake’s belly in the wagon rut, but because I’ve got belief and faith in everything but the predicted performance of the NFL players, here goes:

Houston-meet you at high noon in Nashville[1 p.m.] to win on the road-I still believe Texas is a good football team-over the T.Titans

Buffalo to meet the team coached by Lane Kiffin-Oakland-at least at the time this was sent. Kiffin’s job is on the line…..aren’t they all?

I’ve picked AGAINST Carolina the first 2 weeks-Here’s the kiss of death-Carolina over Minn. on the road with the wild and crazy Steve Smith returning!

K.C. is BAD. Oakland beat them in Arrowhead last week. Atlanta to win in the dome at home.

Can Chicago play 2 halves, unlike last week? Yes, they can and win against T.Bay in the breezy city.

Arizona to come to the nation’s capital with A.D.’s man Kurt Warner slinging it, beating the ‘Skins at home.

Tom is out, but there is still enough team left to beat Miami[Southern Cal could too] in New England. Pats’ win.

New York still looks like the defending NFL champion. Cinn. still looks awful. Giants win over The Bengals.

Can Seattle go 0-3? No, but St. Louis can! Seahawks squeak one out at home.

The Saints go marching to the Rockies to get a tough road win in the stadium once called Mile High over the Broncos. It’ still something-Mile High!

Black and Blue Division game-Baltimore to bruise the woeful Browns and win!

Indy squeaked one out last week-not this time Jax to get their first win of the year on the road. Come on Garrard! Earn that big paycheck! ECU over State in a close one! Slips!

It’s a short week for Philly after losing Monday night in BiG D, but playing at home will help inspire the boys to give Pittsburgh it’s first loss of the year.

Speaking of short weeks-Super Bowl bound Dallas will give the Packers a loss in Lambeau! I hope!

Oh woe is San Diego if they go 0-3. They won’t, beating the Brett’s, er Jets in San Diego on Monday night!