Dudley Downs Page for Greensboro HS Football Crown

Page receives the ball first. Page QB Will Newman picks apart the Dudley defense and drives 65 yards for a TD, 4 runs and 4 passes on the drive. You can’t get anymore balanced then that. TD on a Newman pass. 7-0 Page, right out of the gates.

Dudley’s powerful offense moves down the field and sets up a 1st and goal from the 10. After 3 stops by Page, Dudley punches the ball in on 4th and goal from the 1 yard line. Dudley misses the PAT. 7-6 Page still leads.

On the next Page drive, 3 solid plays, 2 being for 1st downs. Then stopped by a fumble. Page TE Colin Daly catches the ball then drops it when met with the Dudley secondary. Dudley ball on the 50. Two plays later, Lewis Jr. scores on a 40 yard keeper. 2 point conversion good. Dudley leads 14-7.

Dudley holds Page to a 3 and out. Page also holds Dudley to a 3 and out, Page DE Gabe King stuffs Overby for a 5 yard loss. Then 2 sacks back to back for 10 yard and 15 yards. But, Dudley’s defense then holds Page again for a 3 and out.

Dudley moves the ball to their 40 yard line, and the Page defense stiffens and holds Dudley to 4th and short and they go for it. Nothing doing as Page holds.

Page’s first play wasn’t a pretty one, as a miscommunication of the snap count which results in a Page fumble and Dudley recovers. You got to think if these Page turnovers would cost them the upset.

Dudley would score after the fumble on a 40 yard pass. PAT no good, Dudley widens the lead to 13. 20-7.

Page wouldn’t give up in the first half as Will Newman moves down the field with pinpoint accuracy to his receivers. Brad Workinger would catch the Newman TD toss to cut the Dudley lead to 6. 20-14 at half.

Dudley with the possession at the beginning of the 3rd quarter goes 3 and out and sets up to punt.. but wait, Dudley pulls a trick out of their hat and fakes it. 1st down on a 20 yard run. On the next play Ricky Lewis Jr. mishandles the snap but scoops it up and runs 25 yard down the left side and sets up a 1st and goal. Next play Dudley scores and gets the 2 point conversion. 28-14 Dudley leads.

Page goes 3 and out and Dudley gets the ball back. On the 2nd play, Lewis Jr. gets intercepted by Deandre Leach. But, Page can’t do anything on the following drive as it is deflated by 3 penalties.

The first play in the 4th quarter is a hand off to Dudley RB Overby, Runs about 5 yard to on the right side, then fumbles and Page recovers.
Another first play, Will Newman hooks up with Brad Workinger for a 45 yard pass and sets up a 1st and goal. Newman would fumble on a Dudley sack and they recover. Dudley takes over and Overby fumbles again, as Page recovers. Both defenses came to play tonight, causing turnovers left and right, literally.

This sets up a short drive that Page converts on, 15 yard pass from Newman to Workinger, sets up a 5 yard pass TD to Colin Daly. 28-21 Dudley leads.

Page gets the ball back with 4:00 left on the clock and they looked to move up the field for the equalizer. Page would be put in a 4th and 8 situation. Newman keeps the ball and rushes for about a 7 yard gain and its not enough. He would be 1 yard short, and Page turns the ball over on downs.

The Page defense would not give up as they hold Dudley to a 4th and 2, late in the game with 2:03 left on the clock. But Lewis Jr. would not be denied on the keeper up the middle for a 2 yard gain. Dudley would down the ball and preserved the win.

Everyone knew that Dudley has a great defense, but they were exploited by Page’s balanced shotgun spread. Dudley scored after 3 of the Page turnovers. Take those away and Page may have won. For the most part, Page’s defense played as well as the Dudley defense. What a great game by two very good teams tonight at Marion Kirby Stadium.

Dudley (5-0) – 28
Page (3-2) – 21

3 thoughts on “Dudley Downs Page for Greensboro HS Football Crown

  1. Doesn’t surprise me this game was close. Page has a strong team. With their senior leadership, size, and team speed they could have a nice playoff run. Congratulations on a good game by both teams.

  2. Joe, another solid job on the Page-Dudley game report. Did you have any numbers on Newman/Lewis and their passing and running? Didn’t see any numbers in the N&R report and wondered if y0u had access to any.

    I had a couple of people asking this morning about the game yardstick. The first downs, yards, etc.

    Thanks for the good report and we will have to find someplace to send you next week because Page is open right?

    Next Page Pirate game October 3rd vs. Davie County?????

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