Kiffin keeps on coaching

ALAMEDA, Calif. – Lane Kiffin was back at work Monday as the Oakland Raiders coach despite more reports that his firing could be imminent.

Speaking at his weekly news conference, Kiffin says he will assume he is still the head coach until owner Al Davis tells him otherwise. Kiffin says he has not spoken to Davis since before the season opener against Denver on Sept. 8.

“Until I’m told by Al Davis that I’m not the head coach here anymore, I’m going to keep plugging away,” Kiffin said. “And I have not been told by Al Davis that I’m not the head coach.”

Asked whether a Raider official other than Davis had told him he would be fired, Kiffin said: “I’m not going to get in to what’s been said by other people, or what I’ve been told by other people. I’m not going to get into everything that’s said. If we believe everything that’s said around here, we’d be in a lot of trouble.”

17 thoughts on “Kiffin keeps on coaching

  1. No coach in his right mind would work for Al Davis. The Raiders won’t win until he hires a solid coach and let’s him run the show.

  2. That won’t happen as long as Al Davis is alive. He’s got his old, sodden mitts on too much and can’t do enough right on his own over there in Raiderland for any coach to overcome Al Davis’ boneheadedness. It’s like watching a train crash in slow motion, over a period of decades it’s been, hasn’t it?

  3. I was supposed to do something today.
    What in tarnation was it?
    Seems like it was something big.
    I got to get me a better DayRunner.
    Maybe one of those note/dictation machine thingies.

  4. I never had any problems with Al Davis although he cut me loose when I was 49 and I could have kicked till I was 50.

    Remember all those games I won Sundays when I took over for the the Snake and Lamonica.

  5. We just wish that Al Davis would have created a better working environment and gone to battle and fought much harder to destroy and end all semblence of ethnic discrimination when we were employed by the Oakland Raiders.

    Tom Flores
    Jim Plunkett
    Lester Hayes

  6. Me?
    I’m just a coach.

    [You should use UPS, Lou. You can track your package, or at least have a youngun 75 or younger do it for ya!]

  7. I’ve been dead for a while now, and I wouldn’t take the Raiders’ head job if they brought me back from where I am for it.

  8. I may be dead wrong or dead right?

    But this craziness has to end. The Raiders were one of my favorite teams.

    Jimmy Hoffa liked them too.

    Alvin Ray “Pete” Rozelle

  9. I will take his place.
    I also know a great QB who isn’t signed by anybody right now.
    Want me to make some calls on my way over?
    [turns hand upside down beside head, makes ‘call me’ signal, mouths ‘call me’ words, winks]

  10. The question is have you seen Todd? He was due in here this morning at 10am.

    Art Shell-former Raiders player and coach

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