High School Football Tonight and the AM950 call

We will have Ragsdale at Southeast Guilford on AM950 radio beginning with the pre-game at 7pm and we also plan to have updates if the weather allows these games to proceed with Western Guilford at Northeast, Mount Tabor at Northwest, Cedar Ridge at Eastern Guilford, and Rockingham County at Dudley.

We were going to have an update on North Davidson at High Point Central but this word has come in to the news-record.com site with Tom Keller:
Tonight’s varsity football game between North Davidson and High Point Central has been postponed until 7 p.m. Monday at AJ Simeon Stadium.

From NW Guilford AD John Hughes: Tonight’s varsity football game at Northwest Guilford versus Mt. Tabor has been postponed. It will be rescheduled for this Monday, September 29th at 7:00pm at Northwest High School.

We will continue this blog in 30 minutes and we will come back and make our picks just as soon as they approve that 700 billion dollar bailout plan, which means I should be back here by the time Obama finishes his speech down by Natty Greene’s near the train tracks. I hear the debate is still on, but it has been moved to Hamburger Square, and Obama will now debate Ralph Havis from the Beef Burger on Lee Street.

Now back to the games:
Grimsley, Page, Northern Guilford and Southwest Guilford are all off this week with Grimsley at RJ Reynolds next Friday along with Davie County at Page, Eastern Guilford at Southwest Guilford and North Raleigh Christian at Northern Guilford…….

High Point Andrews played Asheboro last night in HP’s Simeon Stadium and although I haven’t seen a score yet, I was taking HPA 26-14 to go to (4-0) on the season. Andrews and Central share the Simeon Stadium and that’s why HPA was in action last night.

In the other games that are still supposed to be played this evening, we will take Northeast Guilford to get their first win of the year at home, winning 21-14 over Western Guilford. Eastern Guilford should continue to win with the Wildcats getting it done with a victory over Cedar Ridge 28-7 and this is the EG Homecoming game and maybe if the weather stays bad they will move this game to Saturday night. You do not want to be playing the HC game on a Monday with school in session the next day.

Mount Tabor at Northwest Guilford should be fun in the mud at NWG and I was there a few years back and Northwest played Smith on a rainy Friday and won the contest which was also the Vikings’ homecoming. Mount Tabor to win this one 21-13 after NWG pulled out a late win last year at MT. Rockingham County at Dudley on what I am hearing is Dudley’s Homecoming and I can see this game moving to Saturday night, although N.C. A&T will also be at home on Saturday and that might hurt the gate at Dudley. Maybe they move it to Monday, but there you go again as Mr. Reagan used to say, HC games on Monday, no Fun Day. Dudley wins 42-0.

Smith at WS Carver,and the Eagle’s coach Rodney Brewington is doing good things with the Smith program, but you can only do so much when you meet the Carver Yellowjackets and Smith will come home with another loss, falling 20-6. The weather will have a major effect on the games that are played. Southern Guilford at West Montgomery and we still like the SG Storm and if they play in the rain they might be even tougher,and they win this game, 22-13.

North Davidson at High Point Central has been moved to Monday and the ND Black Knights are playing power football this year and HPC has a stingy defense and we will take North Davidson to win this one 28-20.

The big game tonight and I am still looking out the window and it is still raining and with Southeast Guilford hosting Ragsdale and this one still set to go off in the mud at SEG we wonder,(let me look out the window again) can Terrance Topps and his Falcon teammates make it three dramatic wins in a row? This could get crazy….

I still remember the SEG-Eastern Randolph game last year in the rain, and it was the only game played in Guilford County that night and ER won it in OT. With the rain and with the game at home and the home team winning this game(SEG-Ragsdle) over the last five years or something like that, we say SEG wins in OT 14-13…..

School closing and Game postponement list from Tom Keller and the staff at www.news-record:

North Davidson at High Point Central will now play at 7 p.m. Monday
Bassett (Va.) at McMichael – 7 p.m. Monday
Mt. Tabor at Northwest Guilford – 7 p.m. Monday
Western Alamance at Morehead – 7 p.m. Monday
Smith at Carver – 7:30 p.m. Monday
Rockingham County at Dudley – 7 p.m. Monday
Southern Guilford at West Montgomery – 7:30 p.m. Monday
Cedar Ridge at Eastern Guilford — 7 p.m. Monday
Western Guilford at Northeast Guilford — 7 p.m. Monday
Ragsdale at Southeast Guilford — 7:30 p.m. Monday

*****If you have trouble picking up AM950 radio anywhere at night you can also catch the signal at wpetam950.com and we ought to get a laptop set up in the concession stand at SEG, but do keep that in mind as listen to the games.*****

You know I must be like old Honest Abe or Honest Andy. I could have looked the score up, but I didn’t and here’s the word on High Point Andrews’ loss last night to Asheboro from the Asheboro Courier-Tribune. HPA is now (3-1)…..The word from the AC-T:

HIGH POINT — After two consecutive losses, the Asheboro High School varsity football team picked up a win Thursday night to break .500 and head into the Mid-Piedmont Conference season.

And the Blue Comets have backup quarterback Caleb Mason to thank.

The freshman suggested a play with nine ticks left on the clock before halftime that led to AHS’ first touchdown of the game — a spark that helped the Blue Comets to an 18-6 win over the undefeated Red Raiders. In Andrews’ first three games, the squad had allowed just 29 points.

“I was just trying to run the clock out,” AHS coach Dee Bulla said of the last-second play that had the Blue Comets facing first-and-10 on the Red Raiders’ 45-yard line. “Two or three times we had failed to move the fullback, so one of the quarterbacks on the sideline said we should go with the tight end down the middle — the middle was open.”

The result was a 45-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Walter Rush to tight end Tim Stark — the final yards of which had Stark dragging a defender — as the clock ticked down to zero. The extra point went wide right, but the Blue Comets had gained the momentum.

6 thoughts on “High School Football Tonight and the AM950 call

  1. My moneys on Ralph. Nobody is gonna beat out Beef-Burger.

    I wonder if any games will get played tonight? Doesn’t look very promising.

  2. AD, I beg to differ on Ragsdale and Southeast-RHS 30-Southeast 17 in the mud down at Forest Oaks. Ragsdale is too balanced and does not beat themselves. Hey, we’ll be there, wet and wild, with ALL the action. That’s why we cover the games, because the kids play them to decide the WINNER!

  3. There’s no telling what is going to happen now in this game.

    I’m bringing the kitchen sink. Might be able to use it as a bathtub after the last whistle.

  4. I hope they get the game (Ragsdale@SEG) in tonight rain or not. I hate Monday games.

    also Asheboro upset Andrews 18-6 last night. That score was a shocker to me.

  5. Just got that one in on the blog courtesy of the Asheboro Courier-Tribune.

    Shocked me too. It was almost HPA didn’t show and to make it worse they were playing at home.

  6. Asheboro’s win over Andrews puts the Blue Comets, at least in the mix, for the conference championship. Even though the win was out of conference, it does show that Asheboro can be pretty good on a given night. Our game Monday evening with RHS and SEG will go a long way for the winner in deciding the conference champion.

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