Saturday November 8, 2008 11:00 AM
Wilson Scott Field – Clemmons, NC
$150.00 Per Player
Each player will go through a Pro Style workout. This will include: Timed 60, Pop Time for catchers, Outfield, Infield, Batting Practice, and Bullpens for pitchers.
Each player will receive a Professional Evaluation based on your tryout.
We will compile all data from the tryout into a scout book which will include your contact information, high school coach contact information, Prepstar summer playing schedule, and your evaluation results. We will mail this scout book to 3 colleges of your choice. Every player at the tryout will be in the scout book, so your information could be sent to as many as 50 or more different colleges.
In the summer of 2009, GBC will field a 16u, 17u, and a Select Team to participate in top showcases and national championships throughout the United States. The teams will be headed up by full time coaches Alan Ashkinazy and Tony Sutphin. Playing schedules and team fees will be announced January 1, 2009.
We will also use this tryout to determine if you can play on one of our 3 Showcase teams. We will only take players that we project as being able to play at the next level.
If you are selected for one of our Showcase teams, half of your entry fee will go towards your 2009 player fees.
Please mail form below and payment to “GBC” PO Box 9791, Greensboro, NC 27408 or you can pay by paypal. If you are going to pay by paypal click on the link below and email the form below to
PLAYER NAME ______________________________
BIRTH DATE__________________________
ADDRESS __________________________________________________________
PHONE _________________________ EMAIL_____________________________________
HEIGHT___________ WEIGHT___________
THROW_____________ BAT________________________
PRIMARY POSITION_____________________
SECONDARY POSITION ____________________________
GRAD YEAR ______ HIGH SCHOOL_______________
HS COACH/PHONE #______________________
SAT SCORE ________________ GPA____________________
CLASS RANK _______________
TOP 3 COLLEGE CHOICES _________________ _______________ _______


  1. will you be posting information the Hoops and Dreams girls basketball showcase this weekend?

  2. I heard some talk about this showcase earlier in the week. Anything they send us, we will post it, as long as it comes from a verifiable source. I was told much of the activity will be going on at the Sportsplex and if that is the case then Delaney Rudd and his NCBA team will be heavily involved and that’s a good thing….

    If you have advance info send it our way and we will be more than happy to print results from the weekend as long as they send them our way to or send them directly to the site….Thanks

  3. the only coach I would tust would be al, the other coaches to be around his son, now hes at southwest, still living in ghs district, he will probally try to run that program.

  4. The Tony Sutphin I saw busted his butt helping at Grimsley. He was out there dragging the field before games with his car and it was a white car at that. When Grimsley had off nights he would be at other area games watching and supporting the local kids. He always showed up early for Grimley games and if it was a tournament he was there early to watch the prerceeding games and he was there for all the kids and to root them on.

    He’s helped a lot of kids young and old and he knows the game.

    I think you’re hatin’ on the wrong man when you crack on Tony. That’s just my opinion based on what I’ve see and I don’t even know Tony that well but I can see he loves and supports the game of baseball and I do believe you’ll still see him out there helping and coaching even after his son has moved on to college.

  5. That’s exactley right Andy. Tony Sutphin has longed coached with me before Cal played and I know he’ll be involved with The Greensboro Batting Center way after Cal goes off and plays college baseball. For you people that don’t want to be involved with our showcase teams because of Tony, that’s OK. You have to do what’s best for you, but I do what’s best for The Greensboro Batting Center and Tony Sutphin is what is best for GBC!

  6. Boo Hoo, so what if it was a white car. Sounds like alot of kissing up is what this is all about. It sounds like he is a traveling gypsie going from school to school. Remember, High School ball is only rec ball????????

  7. Tony Sutphin will bend over backwards to help any young man pursue his baseball ambitions. Tony is all about helping his son. Tony is also all about helping your son, if your son is serious about working hard,respecting the game, and comitted to being the best he can be. I say this because Tony has done more for my son than I will ever be able to compensate him for. The Prepstars would be a great place for any qualified kid to showcase his skills. Should you choose to try to make this roster, you had better bring your A game. Thanks Tony!

  8. Michael – What kind of credentials does Andy Partin of Impact have? Probably less than Tony Sutphin.

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