Football Talk with Coach Ken Helms from HPC

Coach Ken Helms is an assistant football coach at High Point Central and he is also the head baseball coach for the Bison and he coaches basketball. Coach Helms is the former head football coach for the Southeast Guilford Falcons….

Here’s the Coach’s Corner for this week:
I am glad to hear all the Grimsley players are all well now. When did they all get hurt? In the Dudley game? Page will get a good test tonight. War Eagles are always tough. We will see how the pirate offense does against this d.

Glad we got a win last week. D still playing good. Take away a couple of offense td’s and we re giving up about ten a game. Whirlies will let us see where we are in the hunt for conference wins.

James Moorman is the best defense player nobody has heard about in the metro. An undersized dynamo, (5-9, 210). He already has 88 tackles this year. Was all metro as a soph d lineman last year, playing the mike this year. Akeem Langham is having another banner year also with 3 int’s already, 53 tackles, and 5 hits for a loss as well as two fumble recoveries. Had a big hand last week in limiting the kid from North Davidson to under a hundred yards on 30 plus carries. The kid from North had 13 TD’s and 800 yds. rushing in the first five games of the season. Langham had a pick for td, two hits for loss and ten tackles to lead the Bison “Black Watch Defense”.

Are you familiar with the Black Watch? Dowdy still performing, well, like a kid who has already committed to NC State. Big and fast, he is a handful for everybody we play. We are excited about coming over to play on the big stage next week. Nothing like playing in Jamieson Stadium, these kids are lucky to play in the metro. A lot of great schools, with a ton of tradition.

6 thoughts on “Football Talk with Coach Ken Helms from HPC

  1. The Central D is one of the best in the area if not the best in the area, Coach Helms will have the the D ready to shut the Whirlies down next week.

  2. Are you the Kenny Helms who played a stylish second base for Bell Gardens High School in Huntington Park summer league? If so, I am a former team mate. If not–have a great day, anyhow

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