CiCi’s Pizza NFL Picks Contest:Beat the Jock or the Cat!

Picks from Big Jim Modlin of Fitness Today and his cat:

What a quick 6 it has been! Yes, it is week No. 6 in the NFL……..I’ll betcha’ Houston thought there were too many quick 6’s last week-Whew! They made me a loser on that game, too. I decided to quickly go into “let the pet pick mode”- I’m referring to my adorable girl kitty, named “Froggy” and she is, too! As you will see my cat is a feline, but not crazy enough to pick the Lions or the Bengals! So let ’em have it Froggy Girl!

Chicago goes and tees it up with Atlanta-Too close to Pitty Patt’s Porch to go against the home team. ATL to move to 4-2.

We mentioned those stinking Texans earlier-well, yes, I’m crazy-I’m going to pick them one more time to win at home over the Fish. Houston in a close one over Miami.

How can a cat pick against The Lions?-simple, because there is Detroit in front of LIONS! Minnesota to win again.

Oh, if New Orleans only had a kicker that could kick last week! Is M.G. still employed down there? Kicking should not matter this week, as Oakland comes to town to lose to New Orleans.

Cincinnati will be 0-6 after visiting the Bretts in N.Y. The Jets to win over another feline nicknamed team. I really do love cats!

Indy should face a larceny charge after stealing one from Houston last week. They get caught at home as The Ravens defense slows down Peyton and the boys to win on the road. Baltimore over Indy.

Ah, now here is a cat team we can LOVE! Real simple-Carolina is good enough to make a statement on the road over a BIG division rival-Carolina solidifies first place in the Division beating TBay.

Back to back road cat picks! I’m still a believer in the Jags-Jacksonville to go west and beat Denver.

Here is a real guess! Seattle is at home-no other reason- over Green Bay.

Arizona was my upset special last week. This week they lose at home to a vulnerable Dallas Cowboy team. Dallas to move to 5-1 in a tough one. Aren’t most road games tough?

Give me a Philly with extra cheese! Actually, give me an Eagles team with enough stones to bounce back after Washington smacked them around. Philadelphia to beat SF on the road.

San Diego is at 2-3. Mr. Turner is still the head coach. Now, some good news-they win at home over New England in a must win game for your Sunday night viewing pleasure.

Let’s see, is Cleveland good enough to beat The Giants with a letdown, flu infestation, cat fever, lost athletic supporter, broken chin strap and Plaxico back? Of course not! The Giants to win on Monday night and make me PURR!

*****Two FREE Pizza Buffets plus Drinks from CiCi’s Pizza when you notch the most correct picks and let’s use the Carolina Panthers-Tampa Bay Buccaneers game for our Tie-Breaker with the total points scored by the Panthers and Bucs possibly deciding someone’s fate.*****

5 thoughts on “CiCi’s Pizza NFL Picks Contest:Beat the Jock or the Cat!

  1. atl miami minnesota new orleans nyjets indy carolina denver green bay dallas philly new england nygiants 45 points

  2. Bears

    Tiebreaker 43

  3. chicago miami minnesota new orleans nyjets baltimore tbay jacksonville green bay dallas san fran san diego nygiants 41 points

  4. Atl, Dolphins, Vikings, Saints, Jets, Colts, Panthers, Broncos, Packers, Cowboys, Eagles, Pats, Giants

    Total = 35

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