The Mitchell Report – Wrestling or Trash

For some reason Andy Durham decided to Interview Bruce Mitchell of the Pro Wrestling Torch between two dumpsters. They talk about this past week’s WWE No Mercy Pay Per View as well as other events in the Wrestling world.

3 thoughts on “The Mitchell Report – Wrestling or Trash

  1. You’ve got that right brother! Meat loaf, pinto beans, macaroni salad, mashed taters with gravy, and corn bread with a glass of tea to wash it all down.

  2. I’m more of a Baked chicken (white meat), greens, pintos, taters…. cola and a biscuit if they got em.

    Hey Andy, In case you or your cohorts have nothing to do this weekend….. The Greensboro Swimming Association is hosting 225, 12 and under swimmers at Grimsley. Four sessiosn. Saturday AM, Saturday afternoon with the same on Sunday. First time (maybe ever) we’ve had to split into four sessions. Thank you Michael Phelps! Of course, Raleigh, Charlotte, Cary, Hillsborough, Huntersville, etc can all host much larger meets. We could use that new pool my friend plus the repairs to Lindley and Grimsley are needed.


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