You don’t know JACK:But now you do, Jack Murphy 107.5 WKZL

It has come to our attention that the Murphy in the Morning Show MAY have engaged in an illegal phone call during their show today. These allegations are being taken very seriously and we are launching an internal investigation into the matter. Until this matter is resolved we are suspending all the members of the Murphy in the Morning Show including all Murphy in the Morning Show content indefinitely. We hope to resolve this matter quickly and appreciate your patience during this investigation.

Bruce Wheeler
Vice President & General Manager of Dick Broadcasting

+++++from the 107.5 web site*****

GREENSBORO — The popular morning radio show “Murphy in the Morning” is off the air indefinitely.

The show runs from 5 to 10 a.m. weekdays on WKZL-107.5.

This is the statement posted on the WKZL Web site by Bruce Wheeler, vice president and general manager of Dick Broadcasting:
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A station employee said the incident happened before 9 a.m. Thursday morning and involved a caller who might not have known he was on the air.

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