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Bison Football from the Coach’s Corner with Black Watch leader Ken Helms of High Point Central

Well, the Grimsley game was everything we thought it would be. A tough, physical ballgame that was won by the guys up front. Whoever wins the majority of those one on one battles on the line of scrimmage usually win the game. We were fortunate to come away with the win. We were proud of the way our young men responded to the challenge.

We are winning a few of those close ones we let slip through our fingers last year. We have another huge challenge this week against arguably the best running game in the conference (Sorry Pirate fans). Good luck to the Whirlies the rest of the way. They have a good football team, and as a team, we were just glad they didn’t pick the week they played us to pick up the win you know is coming. Maybe against those Pirates!

East Forsyth and Northwest showed how evenly matched the Metro is this year with a safety being the difference in the game. The Vikings will bring their grind ‘em up offense in to High Point this week, looking to make some buffalo burgers. They better be careful because they say that Bison meat is lean, and can cause indigestion. You can’t eat too many of ‘em.

Doug Davis, a 5-9, 165 pound corner was on the sideline of the A&T game this week, and will make a trip to Coastal this weekend. He hopes to have a decision soon on where he will be going to school. Doug has been a key player for the Bison on defense this year, routinely drawing the opposition’s best receiver every week. I wouldn’t want that job. Those corners have to have thick skin and a short memory; and a little Swag doesn’t hurt either. Good luck to all this week. Go Bison.

*****from Coach Ken Helms, Defensive Coordinator High Point Central High School*****

6 Comments on “Bison Football from the Coach’s Corner with Black Watch leader Ken Helms of High Point Central

  1. You want to se some defense and team play you need to come by Ragsdale. they don’t have any nicknames for themselves. They just play and let that speak for itself.

  2. Amen Lee. I have no doubt Central has a good defense – but I sure do love watching Ragsdale’s D get after it. Best part is most of the defense are juniors so we’ll get to watch them again next year. Linebackers Sparks and Stone are like non-stop tackling machines out there and the Ashworth brothers lay on some big hits. Mearite is probably one of the smallest players out there but he really makes huge hits and seems to be everywhere on the field. (offense, defense, special teams very versatile player.) The line has done a great job too. I swear that Big D (McNeil) gets bigger every time I see him. And just imagine how much better they could be if Handford, Alston and Anderson (and Dolberry) were out there.

    As fun as it is watching teams score there is nothing like watching a defense smother play after play.

  3. What Mark said is the truth. Every time I look down and see that Billy Stone and Walt Sparks are only juniors I still can’t believe it. I keep going back to my NCPreps.com yearbook to verify the fact they are juniors and that my mind isn’t playing tricks on me.

    There’s no fat on those kids and who knows if Sparks and Stone will get the call in baseball or football but one thing is certain, by the time they are seniors, they should be a sight as Opie Taylor used to say.

    High Point Central’s Black Watch Defense is the reason they are (5-2) and not (2-5).

  4. I would have to give the edge to the Black Watch D over Ragsdale because of the tougher conference that Central plays in.

  5. Ragsdale defense is tough as always. Black Watch is young also with 3 Sophs (Leach, White, Blanks) and 3 Jrs (Langham, Aguillar, and Moorman).

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