UFC fighter threatens to kill Kurt Angle

from Jason Powell at prowrestling.net:
UFC fighter Marcus Davis told Slam Wrestling that he warned Kurt Angle’s agent that he’d kill his client if he took a swing at him at the TNA Lockdown pay-per-view event. “It’s actually a pretty funny story,” Davis told Slam Wrestling. “Kurt’s agent came up to me and said, ‘When you walk into the ring, we want you to try to shake Kurt’s hand, and he’s either going to shake your hand, or he’s not.'”

“Then he asked me if I had signed a waiver, so I said to him, ‘Just so you understand this, I’m a professional fighter. If Kurt hits me, I’m not a professional wrestler, and there won’t be a show. If he takes a swing at me, I’ll kill him.‘ So his agent laughs and tells me not to worry about it.

“Later I went into the lunch room with (Samoa) Joe, and Kurt is sitting at a table on his own, and he invites us to come over. So we hang out, and Kurt asks if his manager had told me that he may or may not shake my hand. And I laughed about it, and Kurt said, ‘I’m just going to give you the finger. Don’t worry, I’m not going to do anything, ‘cos I know you’ll kill me!’ We both laughed after that!” To read the full story, visit Slam Wrestling.

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  1. You people are bias toward white fighters.

    If Kurt Angle was a black man you wouldn’t be saying this.

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