Page Pulls away late for 19-6 win over Grimsley

In front of a rain soaked crowd Will Newman ran for 112 yards on 20 carries and completed 8-17 for 93 more yards as Page got by arch rival Grimsley 19-6.

The Whirlies attempted to make a game out of the contest, after trailing 9-0 at the half Grimsley drove 54yds on 9 plays to cut the deficit to 9-6. But an injury to QB Josh Patterson sqelched any chance for the Whirlies to pull the upset.

With the win Page moves to 5-3 with a monster contest coming next week against Danny O’brian and East Forsyth. Grimsley dropped to 2-6.

5 thoughts on “Page Pulls away late for 19-6 win over Grimsley

  1. Game ball to Page kicker Matt Millisor. He somehow got off a 40 yard punt after fielding a bad snap from center. Millisor’s punt kept Grimsley from getting the ball deep in Pirate territory. On the opening kickoff of the second half, Grimsley’s return man broke free and was heading for a certain score. The one man left to make a play was Millisor. He corralled the Grimsley runner, preventing a possible game-changing play. Later, Millisor kicked a field goal to extend Page’s lead to 12-6 with 9 min. left in the game.

    Game ball also to Page defensive coordinator Norm Weeks. He had his defense fired up to play tonight! Page got on the scoreboard early thanks to a quarterback sack in the Whirlies’ end zone. The D made numerous stops throughout the game, none more key than the 4th and 1 in the fourth quarter. Then the Red Death D came up with a big turnover deep in Grimsley territory that led to the final touchdown to put the game out of reach.

    With Page’s second win in a row over the fading Whirlies, the Greensboro high school football world is returning to its normal state-with the Page Pirates dominating Grimsley. Congrats to head coach Kevin Gillespie and the entire Pirate squad.

  2. Of course the Pirates will be dominating in athletics – you dont have Lewis Newman leading your program. He keeps a head coach that tackles a student and gets suspended, then last year all the students had a video of the defensive coordinator chasing and throwing down a special student, yet Newman chooses to fire his baseball coach. I wonder if Newmans salary was based on winning if Shuping and the baseball coach would still be there.

  3. That’s what I said all along. If all Athletic Directors got bonuses for each sports program at their school that made it to the State Play-offs, you wouldn’t see AD’s like Lewis Newman backing parents of kids who aren’t good players instead of Coaches who try to win. That’s why Kowalski will suceed at Northern. Anyone can accuse him of recruiting but with no proof and the backing of his AD he will build a terrific program. Programs cannot be run by parents whose kids aren’t good enough to play. If that’s the way its going to be then the program, all sports, will settle into mediocroty.

  4. Unfortunately, the administration at GHS seems to have made a decision to accept mediocrity in its sports programs. In the name of what??? Fairness? Making sports fun for everyone? Looks like the hard-working, dedicated football and baseball players aren’t/won’t be having fun anytime soon. Losing isn’t fun. Perhaps the coddled, priviliged kids who would otherwise not play much (b/c they’re not good enough) are/will be having fun. Isn’t something wrong with this picture??? Would the new Guilford Co. AD be willing to intervene in this insanity?

  5. Its funny how people are blaming a loss on an AD. Do you guys realize that maybe, just maybe, Page is better then Grimsley is this year.. on the field?

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