Predictions on the Page-Grimsley game?????

Here’s some of the reader’s early thoughts on tonight’s game set for the 7:30 kickoff at Jamieson Stadium.(Plus there’s reaction on last night’s JV Game played at Page.)

JV Game 71-6 Page, Page was still passing late in fourth quarter, nice gamesmanship.

Shut it!!! We are talking one swing pass from a backup quarterback…You act like there were 10 passes thrown in the 4th quarter…Hell, 10 passes weren’t thrown all game, so you can stop with the sportsmanship deal…

No matter how each team is doing in the season both teams always show up for the Grimsley Page game. Even when Grimsley was awful in the early 2000’s the games were always close and competitive. I hope Grimsley gives Page a good game and that the Whirlies come out on top. Beating Page makes any season a successful one.

I’m predicting 24-7 Pirates. Halftime score. 42-21 final.

From our account I was saying Page wins it 35-9. Grimsley has had problems scoring lately and it’s hard to see them putting up three touchdowns and who knows Page may have more points in them. I pulled into the Page parking lot just as that 71-6 game was ending. WOW!!!!!

Got any predictions on tonight’s game, will the rains continue and how might that effect the final outcome and the entire nature of the game?????

I’m thinking Grimsley might get shutout-sorry, Coach Saunders……..Page 31 Grimsley scoring late to make it Page 31-GMen 6-missed extra point-either 1 or 2. I do hope for a competitive game-what is life without hope?

+++++We should also remember they are playing the Grimsley-Page Golf Tournament today and I believe that’s going on out at Bryan Park and one other interesting note on tonight’s game is the point that Tim Clay of Page was with Grimsley last year and DJ Johnson of Grimsley was with Page last year. We had mentioned earlier that Stefan Shepherd(K/P) was one of the first players to end up in this exchange group as he went from Page to Grimsley last season(2007).+++++