The CiCi’s Pizza finals for this week go to Mr. Obama

Here are the results for this week’s contest and Mr. Darock Obama was our winner of the Two FREE Pizza Buffets from CiCi’s Pizza, plus Drinks and even though we feel like this was not the real Darock Obama we did receive a real E-mail address and Mr.Obama has become our winner of the Pizza dinner and unlimited drinks from CiCi’s.

Big Jim has jumped over Big John and Big C in the battle for the New Big Stuffed Crust Pizza from CiCi’s and I’m sure you can tell by now we are not just Biden our time as this year’s contest will not be Palin in comparison to last season’s CiCi’s and we don’t intend on raising McCain or McPain so just keep Hagan in there as we Dole out more winners each and every week. You are certainly Perdue a victory sooner or later and that is a true McStory from a group of true leaders that know a thing or two about Pizza and Politics.

The results from this week’s contest:
Darock Obama-(12-2)
Big Jim-(12-2)
Big C-(11-3)
Big John-(3-11)