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How would you stack them up for the Pizza Hut Invitational Basketball Tournament?

The seedings will coming out soon for the 2008/2009 Pizza Hut Invitational Basketball Tournament for boys and girls at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center January 1,2, and 3 2009.

How would you line up the seeds for the boys and girls in this tournament? No Dudley Panthers this year but Greensboro Day, Grimsley, Northeast Guilford, Northern Guilford, Northwest Guilford, Page, Ragsdale, and Smith will all be there for the boys and girls.

GDS has Javon Mitchell plus Christian Pulliam back, and Ryan Carty among others and I know Carty is running cross country, saw his name in the paper last week, and the Bengals are the defending champs now, several years running. Do you go GDS#1, NG(with Jonathan Frye, Jacob Lawson, Christian McCain, JR Grant, Asad Lamont, Michael Neal, Dylan Berry and others) #2:first year in the tourney…..Ragsdale #3 with Jay Canty and company, Page with Julius Brooks and crew #4, Grimsley and the returning Keith Manley #5, Northeast Guilford #6, Northwest Guilford with a new coach #7 and Smith and who knows what #8??????? Any thoughts on this stack??????

For the girls it is like everyone is gone away…..Jasmine Gill(Page), Jasmine Alston, Trumae Lucas, Amber Cook, Nicole Hargraves, Krystin Fields(all Grimsley/all Gone)…But Northwest has a lot of backcourt coming back in Hannah McIntosh and Gretchen Bennett and Page has Brittany Drew and Chevena Pickard and NEG has a new coach in Brandon Apple. Do you go with NWG, Page, Ragsdale, Grimsley, Northern, Northeast, Smith, Greensboro Day…..

The boys shapes up like a battle between Greensboro Day and Northern and the girls becomes a toss-up with every team with the exceptioin of Greensboro Day having an outside chance and an outside shot at the title.

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  1. I have to agree with the match up being between GD and NG. I would rather see Dudley and NG but I guess we will have to rely on the conference to see that. For the girls it is definitely a toss up. But I give NWG, NG, Ragsdale a shot at it. I will give the #1 seed to NWG though. Being a Nighthawk fan I would like to see the girls place high and play low the first round and work their way up. Should be interesting to see I must say. When the does the seeding come out?

  2. Ragsdale beat Northern several times last summer. Page beat Northern easily. I guess everyone is rating Northern so high becausethey brought in some new players. GDS was going to be average until they added a foreign kid. Don’t overlook Ragsdale. They finished higher than anyone in the state games. GDS and NG get all the publicity but that doesn’t make them the best.

  3. I would say NG is getting alot of exposure because of its great season with only sophomores and freshmen. Even now they only have a few juniors. Definitely a team to watch with the rising talent. I am not familiar with Ragsdale so I will definitely watch them this year as well. I know they have a great girls team and they will definitely give all the girls team a run for their money.

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