What we are seeing and hearing Part I

Can you believe what we saw in today’s News and Record? The soccer player in the picture on the front page of the sports section was from Southwest Guilford and he was wearing Blue and White.

When did Southwest Guilford start wearing Blue and White?

I thought the Cowboys’ colors were Green and Black and maybe some white thrown in for trim…..

Grimsley and Northeast Guilford wear Blue and White, but now Southwest Guilford too? What is going here????? What happened to sticking with your traditional colors?

The soccer game in question from the N&R was Southwest Guilford versus High Point Andrews…..

2 thoughts on “What we are seeing and hearing Part I

  1. Here’s more trivia.
    What year did Southwest change from green and brown to green and black?

  2. Good piece of trivia Bill….When was this time-frame when Southwest Guilford had the green and brown….All I remember is the Green and Black….The Green and Brown comes back a little bit but can you give us a time period?

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