Thank or blame N.C. State for ECU and ASU football!‏

It was announced earlier in the week that ECU and ASU would play in Greenville next year. I thought that was a nice coup for both schools-where no matter who wins, each school could benefit from the game. Of course winning is still the priority in sports.

Why, how was the game scheduled so late and timely? Well, according to my ECU contacts, The Pirates thought they had an agreement in principle to play N.C. State on that date, although nothing was in writing-shame, shame. East Carolina wanted to play N.C. State, but soon figured out that the unwritten agreement was not to be honored. What bothered ECU was that when it was obvious that N.C. State had other plans, the boys in Raleigh tried to sell that The Pirates did not want any parts on N.C. State. Even though based on the outcome of this year’s game-ECU lost-The Pirates most definitely wanted to continue to play State as planned-not signed, sealed or delivered as it should have been.

Back to the now scheduled game-numerous story lines: East vs. West-N.C. bragging rights-recruiting implications-super road trip for The App fans-big fan bases in our area for both schools. I know there are more, but those are just a few starters.

*****from Jim Modlin*****