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What we are Seeing and Hearing Part III Update

We continue to get a lot of news about coaches and changes and the what not, but most of our news is coming from the street and we will not print all of what we are hearing.

We are not, and I repeat, not receiving information from Carl the Custodian at Grimsley High School as I reported yesterday. Carl the Custodain is play on words, in a way similar to what McCain and Obama have been using with Joe the Plumber during the current Pesidential election.

There is a Carl the Custodian at Grimlsey and in no way was I trying to create any grief for Carl by using his name in our update on Wednesday. Carl does a great good at Grimsley and he doesn’t need the extra attention that has been bestowed upon him. I consider him a good friend just like I did my Custodian/Janitor, Carl Chambers back in high school. I even used my janitor’s name, “Tim the Janiotor” to be exact, in my own Presidential speech back in 70’s when I was elected President of my school’s student body. I have always identified with the working people as I did with my Custodian/Janitor Thomas Lunsford and his wife Edith back when I was teaching school and coaching.

My apologies to Carl from bringing him into the mix but, as you can tell by now I am always trying to be creative and informative at the same time and on occasion the cart can get in front of the horse. We will keep on delivering the information and we will try to be on top of the local sports news, but again my sources are from the street and I’m not dumb enough yet to lay all my cards on the table at one time.

We will have more to report on the new hirings when the jobs are filled and we will leave the time frames and pre-conclusive results to our readers.

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  1. If I was people I would stay off these blog before they get a lawsuit aganist them. But you know what everything will come to past. Whatever is done in the dark will come to light. And its a time for everthing.

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