Jason Simmons new baseball coach at Grimsley High School

Grimsley High School would like to officially announce our new head baseball coach as of 10-30-08. Mr. Jason Simmons is our new head baseball coach and we are excited to have Coach Simmons on board. Coach Simmons will take over all baseball operations and will start his position immediately. There will be a baseball meeting early next week to meet the returning players.

Thanks for your patience and Go Whirlies!

Lewis L. Newman, CAA
Certified Athletic Administrator
Grimsley High School

*****GREENSBOROSports.com footnote:Jason Simmons played baseball at Elon University, was the assistant coach at Southern Guilford High School with head coach Jeff Carter and assistant Daryl Brown and he currently teaches at Burlington Williams High School.*****

14 thoughts on “Jason Simmons new baseball coach at Grimsley High School

  1. Jason is a stand up guy. I grew up with him and played ball with him in high school and against him in college. The kids should liek him not just for personality but also his coaching abilities. Good luck Simmons

  2. This is an absolutely great hire! I am so happy for those kids. They will love this guy. THe Grimsley community does not know how lucky they are. Jason can deal with the issues he will be faced with. His experience as a previous HS head coach, an asst. college coach at Elon, legion coach, showcase coach and on and on has prepared him for this. I can’t belive Mr. Newman stepped up and selected him. He’s a great choice I just was not sure this would happen. This is a great for Grimsley.

  3. grimsley is going to place 2nd? more like 1st grimsley fan, with carter and rose on the mound, and dimock, brown, and dunn at the plate? no way anyone beats them in the conference

  4. what? did you not pay attention this past year and notice that NW started three sophmores and six juniors? no way grimsley beats them this year with the talent they are bringing back.

  5. Didn’t NW lose some talent to Veritas? I know Self is gone and is a very talented player, especially on the mound.

  6. we will have to battle to be in the top three. nw is the deepest in the conference but that was the case last year also. it comes down to who is on and who gets the breaks at key moments.good luck to all.

  7. It’s a shame that so many people put negative things on this web site about some of the current Grimsley players. I’m sure that Andy got bombarded by the parents of those kids to erase those comments. I’m sure it hurt those parents seeing those negative comments about their child. It’s funny that these are the same parents that tried to hurt me, my family and my business with negative comments about me that eventually had a hand in my firing as Head Coach at Grimsley. I had to deal with that for the last four years. Now that they are being targeted it doesn’t feel so good does it? It just shows that these parents will do whatever, to benefit THEIR kid. It doesn’t matter to these parents if they hurt me, my family, my business, other players, other schools or other parents as long as it benifits THEIR kid. So I guess what goes around, comes around. GOOD LUCK JASON and to ALL THE PLAYERS. I WILL ALWAYS BE HERE IF YOU NEED ME!

  8. why were the negative comments made on this site directed at players last year, ie sutphin,aaron jones,carter,highfill etc, not deleted? could it be that one group was taught the life lesson of dealing with criticism on their own, and the other group was taught that you let your parents deal with it for you?

  9. There was a time 6-9 months ago when we didn’t delete any comments from the site. We have grown and the climate has changed and we now have to be more careful.

    We will continue to apologize for the mistakes we make but our weakness will be that we still like a little stir.

    We won’t apologize for the success we have earned and we will continue to attempt to be the best at covering Greensboro Sports.

  10. DS, thanks for the rope and I appreciate the slack.

    As always we will keep pushing for those Whirlies until they run us out of there and we will keep the push going for all the other county schools too.

  11. Thanks Coach A. I know that you ARE there for ANY young man that respects the game and wishes to be the best he can be.You have earned the title “MR. BASEBALL”!

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