What will be the Margin of Victory? OBAMA Beats McCain

What will the difference in the final numbers when Obama beats McCain in today’s presidential election? Colin Powell says Obama takes it, Bill O’Riley says Obama will be your winner, the polls have told us all the way the along that Obama will be our President.

It’s almost like a ball game and it is the bottom of the 9th inning and McCain and Palin are way behind and they don’t have a chance to come back and win. It’s the fourth quarter and McCain trails by a touchdown and the two-point conversion. Late in the game and the McCain campaign is losing and back-to-back buckets won’t win it.

What will be the Margin of Victory for Obama? 15%, 10%, 5%, 3%?????

How will you follow the election results(CNN, FOX, NEWS 2,8,12 or 14 or by radio with 600 WSJS or 101.1 FM Talk WZTK)????? Will it be McCrory or Perdue and how about Hagan or Dole??????

Today is big day, a very important day, so get out and vote and eat at Shane’s Rib Shack for FREE when you have finished your voting…..