Week No. 10’s NFL Picks-The Return of the Rat!‏?/CiCi’s Pizza Contest

from Jim Modlin, at Fitness Today on Randleman Road:

Just as quick as you can say NFL, we’re bringing back our rodent to do this week’s pickin’ and cheese pizza eatin’ at Ci Ci’s. We went with the coin toss method last week and finished a very average 9-5. Average just won’t do here at our rat invested house-our rat went 12-2 the week before and is just itching to get back to the top spot. So here goes:

Thursday night football for all. Brady Quinn gets the nod at QB for Cleveland. Denver is still a little sore after the licking Miami put on them in Denver-Quinn starts and looses. Denver bounces back with a road win.

Speaking of Miami, they head back home and stay hot in South Florida, beating Seattle easily.

The Jets-Bretts got a terrific win at Buffalo last week. They stay hot enough to beat St. Louis in NY.

Tennessee is the league’s only unbeaten-until they loose, I pick them-The Titans over Chicago on the road.

Houston won’t be easy at home, but Baltimore’s defense is too good. The Ravens win again.

Detroit is still winless. Jacksonville is a major disappointment, but good enough to beat The Lions.

A good old NFC North matchup pf 4-4 teams. I pick the home team here-Minnesota over Green Bay.

New Orleans will score more than Atlanta in Ga. The Saints win in a shootout.

Buffalo will lose back to back games-this time to New England in a game for the division lead,

Carolina is rested and healed. Oakland will get clawed by The Panthers.

Indy got a must win last week-aren’t they all now? They loose to Pittsburgh this week.

How about another major disappointment? San Diego is for certain, but they will beat Kansas City at home.

Andy says I pick the Eagles a lot. I did and I do. Philadelphia over the Giants.

MNF-a non compelling game, but just like the fair, a winner every time-I pick Arizona over San Francisco.

Contest winner, the one who picks the most winners, will receive Two FREE Pizza Buffets, plus drinks and desserts from CiCi’s Pizza. The Tie-Breaker this week will be the Total Points on the Carolina Panthers-Oakland Raiders game.

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  1. denver miami jets tennesee baltimore jacksonville green bay atlanta new england carolina pitt san diego giants arizona 34 points

  2. cleveland miami jets tennessee baltimore jacksonville minn new orleans new england carolina indy san diego philadelphia arizona 42 points

  3. cleveland miami jets tennessee houston jacksonville green bay new orleans new england carolina pitt san diego giants arizona 44 points

  4. Den (today is fri. Guess this is -1)

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