Guilford County HS Football Fabulous Fifteen Poll

#1) Dudley-(10-0)
#2) Ragsdale-(10-0)
#3) Page-(6-4)
#4) Northern Guilford-(9-1)
#5) Eastern Guilford-(7-3)
#6) Northwest Guilford-(6-4)
#7) Western Guilford-(6-4)
#8) Southeast Guilford-(6-4)
#9) High Point Andrews-(6-3)
#10) High Point Central-(6-4)
#11) Southern Guilford-(6-4)
#12) Northeast Guilford-(4-6)
#13) Grimsley-(2-8)
#14) Southwest Guilford-(1-9)
#15) Smith-(0-10)

6 thoughts on “Guilford County HS Football Fabulous Fifteen Poll

  1. Interesting that Page is ranked 3rd. If NW beats Page this Friday night @ 7:30 pm at Northwest, will NW jump to 3rd? Northern just has not had the strenght of schedule this year to be ranked above NW. Look at the teams NW has lost to this year and the margins of those losses.

    I hope everyone comes out to NW this Friday night to watch a great football game.\ with Page.

    Dudley has an awesome football team. What are the chances of Dudley and Ragsdale meeting in the State playoffs? This would be a good match-up. Two consistant programs.

  2. Head to head Southeast Guilford beat North West. Southeast lost a good Eastern Guilford team and by 1 to Asheboro. Northwest should not be ranked ahead of Southeast.

  3. If NWG beats Page and especially if they beat them handily then Northwest will deserve to be #3 in the poll.

    NWG has been playing very well as of late and Northern will have trouble moving ahead of a solid (6-4) based on the Nighthawks schedule but you can’t ignore NG.

    Both NWG and SEG made strong upwards moves in this week’s poll with other (6-4’s) High Point Central and Southern Guilford both falling.

    SEG was in a slump and looks as if the Falcons are coming out of that slump that came after the Ragsdale and Trinity losses. The new offense seems to be suiting Coach Fritz and crew well with the blend of running and passing.

    While SEG was hitting that slump, NWG came out of it with that 18-3 win over HPC and they have been on a steady roll since. Very tough game for NWG at home this Friday on Senior Night versus Page and SEG should have an easy time with Randleman.

    The big one on the line and still on the vine is the Ragsdale at Asheboro game. Ragsdale has load of steady/balanced talent and Asheboro has some studs as they call them. This is a big one.

  4. I agree if NW does beat Page they should be ahead of NG but if they i think NG should remain ahead of them, although NG hasnt had a practicular tough schedule they have played very good teams and won against those ( Charolette Christian who was ranked 8 in the state when NG beat them). I also understand though that NW has lost all their games to very good teams though

  5. Page shut down the NW Guilford running game. Which was supposed to be the best in the conference.

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