NCHSAA football pairings site jammed and slammed

We have been trying to get on the site at but the site is currently jammed and it is nearly impossible to get through. If anyone does, and gets some seeding/pairing news please send it our way. Last year Joe and I were able to get through earlier than this but it was like off and on as far as reaching the site and the seedings page goes.

We will defintely try and do a post-season stat tracker page and speaking of Page, it just sounds like to me, Will Newman is the best overall QB in the area when it comes to the running and passing, and a fan who was at the High Point Central-East Forsyth game last night told me today, that he would take Newman over Danny O’Brien any day of the week and that’s not a dis on DOB, it is just putting it out there for Will.

Joe is on the money with his coverage of Page and more times than not he does a better job covering the teams than our veteran writers(AD for example) are doing. I enjoyed reading Joe’s article this morning with it’s info and clear details on the game and he was not just naming a bunch of names. I especially liked the descriptions of Newmans runs as JB compared them to the layout of the defenders in comparison to the space of Newman as he took the ball all the way on the 70 yard run.

Good job and let’s get the playoff news out here somehow……….

4 thoughts on “NCHSAA football pairings site jammed and slammed

  1. I heard a insider that the brackets were supposed to be out by 3:oo PM today. But, they haven’t even been released yet. The website is jamming up with all of the people on the site trying to access the brackets. I will keep an eye and ear out for them and try to have them up on the website as soon as they come out.

  2. Thanks Joe,

    You may not be a good plumber, but are doing a fine of keeping up with this football season.

  3. The NCHSAA is trying to update the brackets after some incorrect information was reported to them by the schools, but they can’t because people keep trying to pull up the brackets and the site keeps crashing. I had an e-mail exchange with Rick Strunk a little while ago and he said they are attempting to get the brackets up, but repeated hits from fans are making it difficult.

    Posted on by Earl Vaughan Jr. of the Fayetteville Observer.

  4. Just received this e-mail from Rick Strunk:

    The football brackets are completed, but the traffic has overwhelmed the
    server (even a new server with twice as much capacity) and it has kept us
    from uploading them to the site.

    If people will get off the site for about 45 minutes, then we can get them
    all posted. I’m also trying to type a text-agate version that I can email
    later tonight.

    Keep in mind that what is posted will be tentative until they’ve been
    confirmed, but we can’t get up on the site what we’ve done at this point
    with everybody on the site and constantly hitting refresh. Your cooperation
    is GREATLY appreciated.

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