Fab Fifteen and how they Finished

Here’s the poll and how our teams finished in the regular season…..

#1) Dudley-(11-0)
#2) Ragsdale-(11-0)
#3) Page-(7-4)
#4) Northern Guilford-(10-1)
#5) Southeast Guilford-(7-4)
#6) High Point Andrews-(7-3)
#7) Southern Guilford-(7-4)
#8) Northwest Guilford-(6-5)
#9) Western Guilford-(6-5)
#10) Eastern Guilford-(7-4)
#11) High Point Central-(6-5)
#12) Northeast Guilford-(5-6)
#13) Grimsley-(3-8)
#14) Southwest Guilford-(1-10)
#15) Smith-(0-11)

4 thoughts on “Fab Fifteen and how they Finished

  1. How is eastern ranked tenth? I mean I know that they have lost the last four games but they demolished southeast and western…….and with the talent they have I am sure they could easliy do it again

  2. I have to agree with John, EG at least has to be ranked fifth and southern at fourth….EG blew out western 24-0 and beat southeast 35-14 if i remeber correctly! who ever did this should review their rankings…..and I’m a Dudley fan!

  3. Southeast beat Southern and Southern beat Eastern after SEG beat Southern….

    We have to take into account how the teams are playing at this stage of the season and Western recently beat Western Alamance and Northwest just played Page to a one-touchdown game and they were tied with the #3 ranked Pirates 13-13 late in the game.

    WG, NWG, SEG and especially Southern have all been playing well in recent weeks. Southern again lost to SEG and it’s hard to jump a team HP Andrews with one less loss although HPA played 10 games and our other schools played 11.

    The big problem for EG is the 4 straight losses. Seven wins to start the year and then Reidsville, 42-40 with McMichael, 28-27 with West Stokes and then the 12-3 loss to Southern after leading early on the Will Gann field goal.

    You don’t want to close with a loss on Friday, we are pulling for the ‘Cats.

    Thanks for the comments and this poll is wide open for discussion.

  4. Eastern Guilford is a talented team, but they haven’t won a football game in over a month. The Southeast game was the first game of the season. Southeast beat a Southern Guilford team that featured Darren Garcia and the late Scotty Wayne, arguably their two best football players. Eastern lost to Southern Guilford. I can see Eastern moving up one spot, but anything else is a stretch considering the losing streak.

    I do think that the losing will stop this Friday for Eastern Guilford. They have the talent to get it done and should. I have seen the Northwood team. Eastern has better athletes.

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