NFL PICK’s: The Rat is on a ROLL!/CiCi’s Pizza Contest‏

After going 11-3 last week, only to finish second in the contest, I have a determined and slightly angry rat on my hands. Like any smart rodent master, after that sparkling, second place record, I’m turning my boy loose again this week. So here goes with our cheesy picks.
Thursday night action -a terrific matchup-I’m picking the Brady-less Pats over The Bretts-Jets.
Atlanta at 6-3 is nice story, They will be 7-3 after beating Denver in Ga.
How can you pick Oakland on the road or at home for that matter? Miami will win in the sunshine.
Ah, a nice old NFC North Division game. I back the Pack-Green Bay to beat Chicago.
It’s tempting to take Baltimore, but The Giants are probably playing the best football in the league right now. New York in a close one.
No room for error for Indy, if they are to make the playoffs. Losing to Houston would be an error. Indy-your winner.
A Cat Fight mismatch here, even with a color blind Jake. Carolina to hammer Detroit in Charlotte.
New Orleans has fallen off lately. Kansas City in a mild upset.
I’m picking the Eagles again-I have to-they are playing Cincinnati.
Tampa Bay should beat Minnesota on the grass in the stadium by the bay.
Arizona is the only good team in the NFC West. Arizona and Andy’s boy, Kurt over Seattle.
Two bad teams-I pick the home team-San Francisco over St. Louis.
San Diego is playing better, but not good enough to beat The Steelers on the road. Pittsburgh is your winner.
Until The Titans loose I pick them. This one will be tough-Tennessee over Jacksonville.
The best rivalry in Pro Football, I pick the ‘Skins over the Cowboys in D.C.
MNF has Cleveland at Buffalo. The ‘Bills will show up and win at home.

The Tie-Breaker will be the Panthers-Lions(Carolina vs. Detroit) game and we need the total points on the board in that game to help determine who wins the CiCi’s Pizza Buffets.  The winner gets two FREE Buffets which includes Pizza, Drinks, and Desserts….Not bad and it’s all FREE from CiCi’s Pizza and

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  1. new england atl miami gb giants indy carolina new orleans eagles tampa bay arizona sf pitts tenn skins buffalo 38 points

  2. jets atl miami gb balt indy carolina kc philly minn arizona st louis san diego jacksonville cowboys buffalo 35 points

  3. pats atl miami gb balt indy carolina new orleans philly tb arizona sf pitt jacksonville skins buffalo 42 points

  4. Patriots, ATL, Fish, GB,Giants, Colts, Panthers, NO, Eagles, TB, Cards, 49ers, Chargers, Titans, Skins, Beefalo 28

  5. Pats

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