Current Update on Tonight’s games

Wilson Hunt 9 at Northeast Guilford 13 – FINAL
Winterville South Central 7 at Dudley 52 – FINAL
High Point Central 7 at Page 28 – 1:00 in 4th
Southeast Guilford 14 at Ragsdale – 24 – FINAL
North Pitt 40 at Southern 14 – FINAL
Western Guilford 16 at Erwin Triton 0 – FINAL

Western Alamance at Andrews – NO REPORT
Eastern Guilford at Pittsboro Northwood – NO REPORT

Saturday Games:
Northwest Guilford at Richmond County — 7:30 p.m. Saturday
East Wilkes at Thomasville — 7:30 p.m. Saturday

14 thoughts on “Current Update on Tonight’s games

  1. Congratulations Ragsdale Tigers. Great team football on both sides of the ball. Every break the SEG offense got, the defense was there with an answer. Whoever the kid is that blew up the center on the goal line is a beast. That was a big time play at a very crucial moment.

  2. Page 28, HP Central 7

    Will Newman with another big night. Newman rushed for 114 yards on 12 carries, 2 TDs. He also had 88 yards through the air with a TD, and he didn’t start the game.
    Tim Clay for Page had a 45 yard run for a TD and a 15 yard catch for a TD.

  3. Damon, I’m pretty sure that was Cedric Ellison (#66). It was a very good game. When Clark hit that big TD run to start the game I was afraid Ragsdale was in trouble – but after that big play the Ragsdale D came up big. I hope Robinson, the QB is okay 0 he took quite a lick in the fourth quarter.

    Here is my take on the game –

    Big ball game tonight in Jamestown as Ragsdale prevailed over Southeast Guilford 24-14 in the fog. Game started with a bad omen for Ragsdale as he scoreboard went out before the game started (it finally started working in the fourth.) That bad omen proved true as SEG’s Tivon Clark took a pitch on the third play of the game 73 yards for a TD. SEG missed the PAT on a bobbled snap but a Ragsdale personal foul gave them another chance, 7-0 SEG. Ragsdale responded with a nice 65 yard drive, mixing run and pass with D-onovan Smith getting the score from 14 yards out, Kasey Redfern with the PAT, tied at 7.

    SEG moved the ball on their second drive but Antonio Gilyard recovered a SEG fumble to end the only real drive SEG had the rest of the game. Ragsdale moved the ball but had a drive stall inside the 40 and had to punt. Ragsdale had several drives stall without putting points on the board. But the Tigers would score two more times in the half – one a 6 yard TD pass from from Tim Romer to Desean Anderson and a 33 yard Kasey Redfern field goal. That field goal was set up by a nice punt return by Chris Armwood who had a great game returning punts and playing tough at cornerback. 17-7 Ragsdale at the half.

    Ragsdale’s only score of the second half was set up by another Armwood punt return on a short punt out of his end zone by Terence Topps down to the 9 yard line. Two plays and another Romer to Anderson TD pass from he seven made it 24-7 Ragsdale. The Ragsdale D was awesome in the third quarter as SEG could do nothing.

    Then Ragsdale decided to give Tommy Norwood a few more gray hairs and give SEG life. Romer was sacked in the fourth and fumbled (looked like he was down before the fumble). SEG returned to the ten and scored on the first play to make it 24-14. SEG recovered the onside kick but couldn’t convert a first down. Ragsdale also couldn’t get a first down then gave SEG a gift on a high punt snap. SEG drove about 25 yards and had a first and goal on the one with about 3 minutes left. But there, Walt Sparks who had the bad long snap redeemed himself by stripping the SEG ball carrier and recovering the fumble at the two. From there Ragsdale ran out the clock to get the 24-14 win.

    The defense played great tonight. I was down on the field awhile and the hitting was fierce. Ragsdale’s Jonathan Ashworth, probably the hardest hitter on the team knocked the SEG QB out of the game in the fourth. He and the rest of the defense made plays all night. Sparks, Stone, Cedric Ellison, Daniel McNiel, Neal Jones and all the DBs( Gilyard, Armwood, Mearite and McQueen) manned up tonight.

    Offensive line gave Romer time most of the game and when he had to scramble Romer did a good job finding running room or a receiver.

    12-0 and Western Guilford up next.

  4. Damon, I don’t know what kind of hit it was on the center. Cedric Ellison was on one side of the center and Walt Sparks shot the gap on the other side. The snap was fumbled (I don’t know why) and SEG #62 got an arm around the ball but Sparks stripped him and recovered the ball. He needed that play for redemption as he had the bad snap on the punt causing our punter to have to fall on the ball. Cedric may have hit the center. I have not asked either of them.

  5. Hey g who does Northeast play next. If they play Dudley then they are going down.

    Dudley will win it all again and Ragsdale will not beat Dudley.

  6. You could be right Jessie. However Ragsdale doesn’t play Dudley. They play Western Guilford. No one is talking about Dudley around our place. Just curious, how do you know so much about Ragsdale? What games did you attend?

  7. Ragsdale has the ability and the team to beat Dudley. I know that Ragsdale is not looking past Western, so we’ll talk Dudley Strategy later. Good Luck Tigers.

  8. I think Ragsdale has a shot, but they are going to have to play a perfect game to beat Dudley this year. Too much size up front, and too much speed on the edges.

  9. You’re right about Dudley, Joe. They’re great. But the boys don’t have to worry about that. The boys are worried about Causey’s passing game.

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