Wilson Fike and Western Guilford try to derail “The Matchup”

This Friday evening the State High School Playoffs continue in football. The two undefeated 3AA schools in the area are each a win away from the matchup every one in the county and beyond wants to see.
We are talking about the two 12-0 teams, Ragsdale and Dudley. Ragsdale will play it’s cross county mate, Western Guilford in Jamestown. Dudley will also be at home, playing down east foe, Wilson Fike. I saw Wilson Fike beat Asheboro Saturday night in Asheboro. Asheboro lost the game in the first quarter, missing two chances to score deep in Fike territory. Like most any school Dudley will play, I don’t give Fike much of a chance. They have a pretty good running back and a decent QB, but not nearly physical, quick,athletic or deep enough to beat The Panthers.
With Ragsdale and Western, the Hornets do have some weapons and were very competitive against Dudley in the last regular season game. Dudley went on to win convincingly, but Western’s QB, given time can be effective, throw in some speedy wideouts and a pretty good running game, some challenges are there for Ragsdale.
I don’t have enough keyboards to detail ALL of the challenges that Dudley and Ragsdale each present to opposing teams. For those of you that follow each team and those of you that don’t, going undefated this deep in the season means you have a complete football team-top to bottom.
Back to the title of the lil’ piece-If Ragsdale and Dudley can take care of business this  Friday night, “The Matchup” will be set. We can afford to take a glance forward, but each one of these fine coaches, Coach Norwood at RHS and Coach Davis at DHS, knows you better not look ahead or you might not be playing anymore. Man, Tarpley Stadium would surely be rocking IF we get “The Matchup.” Each of the undefeated “should” win and then we can say “May the better team win!!”

2 thoughts on “Wilson Fike and Western Guilford try to derail “The Matchup”

  1. Everyone on the Ragsdale team is focused on Coach Causey’s offense and how to stop it. My son says after watching film that WG has the perfect personnel to run the offensive scheme they run. This game may go until 11pm. Coach Causey and staff are doing a great job.

  2. hey kirk i hear ya i know that ragdsale group is focused on one thing this week and one thing only.. I’m sure they will take care of that great offensive scheme western has which is designed around the quarterbacks and receivers much like the parkland team that snuck by them in the first round last year no doubt in my mind the tigers will take care of buisness friday night

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