Watch Survivor Series for FREE tonight

Survivor Series is tonight in Boston. It features the return of John Cena and the always-fun Survivior Series match. You never know who’s going to come out of the back next.

8 thoughts on “Watch Survivor Series for FREE tonight

  1. First off, Jock didn’t post this. I did.

    Second, I saw this when you posted it under the last free PPV link. It’s as compelling now as it was then.

  2. Blatantly stealing other people’s hard work isn’t “compelling” enough for you?

    Is it the policy of this site to encourage readers to break the law? Do your sponsors know this? Maybe you ought to consult Barber and Barnes just in case.

    The next time, Bruce, you lock your car windows when you’re passing through the rough side of time, try not to think about what a hypocrite you are.

  3. Rather than getting into a big back-and-forth about how bad I’m supposed to feel about not paying Vince McMahon $40 (which is only going to end with you calling me a thief and me calling you a tool), how about I just go with “no” on the compelling thing?

    I do suggest that if you insist on dogging my posts for links to free pay-per-views that you should just save a boiler-plate rant on your computer so you won’t have to come up with these attempts to shame me on the fly. The next one is Armageddon on December 14th, so go ahead and pencil me in.

  4. I didn’t consult anyone else before posting the link, so I have no idea if it was consistent with any site policy. There doesn’t seem to be a policy for or against doing much of anything. It’s pretty much a free-for-all here.

    Some people steal other peoples articles, some post completely untrue rumors about NASCAR drivers having sex with each other. I post links to pay-per-views.

    And you’re a tool for carrying water for the WWE and Vince McMahon. I can’t believe your intense interest in my posting a link is purely philosophical.

    Are we all clear now?

  5. We all remember what Jesse “The Body” Ventura said.

    “It is not stealing or cheating unless you caught”.

    I talked to one of our readers Saturday and he said that he and his brother now watch all of the boxing and UFC fights on the web for free. He said the quality isn’t that great but it will suffice.

    I watch the wrestling pay-per-views with a group of regulars and we all get to see it gratis and the on-site provider is getting the feed at no extra charge because he now has NO CHARGE ACCESS to the pay-per-views due to his current TV system.

    I hate it for the people that are having to pay on a regular basis to see these events but after Sunday”s Survivor Series event they should send us a check for watching the full three hours.

    In these tough economic times I am still waiting for some type of Stimulus and I guess I will have to continue to satisfy my daily wrestling hunger at

    Good discussion from both Bruces…….

  6. Maybe when these so-called promoters start offering value for their event cards, people will be more apt to plunk down their hard-earned dough. But in these troubled economic times, kudos to anyone who can help our readers save a penny. PPV has become nothing but a greed yconcept and its high-time the internet hackers put this format out of business. Keep it rollin’, Bruce, and keep ignoring your namesake. He’s nuthin but a tool anyway.

    The “Hawkster” has spoken.

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