Veritas Baseball Signings

Veritas Baseball Signing with Mark Nales and Logan Self: Mark Nales signed with NC A&T and Logan Self signed with Campbell University. Pictures after the break:
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Greensboro Sports' 2008-11-25 photosetGreensboro Sports’ 2008-11-25 photoset

11 thoughts on “Veritas Baseball Signings

  1. Congratulations to two good players. They didn’t get those scholarships while playing with Veritas did they? I heard in Veretas’ first 4 games, they lost them all including a 27-1 score in Fla. They both were good players at their public school High Schools.

  2. yes they lost all 4 but did compete against very good teams with mostly seniors, top ranked teams, played all players even the freshman and never lost 27-1 you need to consider your sources.

  3. Calm Down Wrong! I was complimenting the boys. My sources are Veritas School Administrators. If your trying to hide the scores, let everyone in the school know about it.

  4. Could anyone confirm the rumors that the teachers aren’t being paid? Did Nike pull the sponsorship for basketball? Has the building plans been shelved due to lack of funds? If someone is considering sending a child to this school what are the incentives when these disturbing rumors are going around? As a parent I would like to know where things are for a potential student. I don’t think going to a church for school is the best environment and I worry about the acredidation factor. If anyone can address my concerns I would appreciate the input.

  5. courious…I’ve heard the same rumors. I also know for a fact that some students have returned to their “old” high school and others would like to do so but are afraid they won’t be accepted by their peers.

    I hope they get their problems fixed because it will be doing a great disservice to the students and parents that made a commitment to Veritas because of the grand things that was offered.

    I guess it just goes to show that the grass ain’t always greener on the other side!

  6. ive heard from some of the kids at the school that the academics are pretty demanding, however they are being pushed to do well and succeed in both the class room and the playing field. obviously your kid didnt get accepted or just wasnt good enough. these 2 seniors (pictured above) go to show the grass is greener on the other side

  7. rsj23,

    Sorry you took offense to my post. I was just stating what I know. As for the students that have left Veritas, it may or may not be because of the academics. But the dad of one told me it was specifcally about the concerns mentioned in courious’ post.

    As for the student/athletes pictured above, those kids would have signed anyway regardless of where they were playing their senior year. So no, that doesn’t go to show the grass is greener at Veritas. What about the other seniors? I haven’t seen where any of them have signed.

    Funny you should think that I have kids that are at or applied for Veritas. Does that mean you think that anyone questioning Veritas has an axe to grind because of that person’s kids? Well in my case that’s not true. My kids have been long gone from high school. I just happen to know a number of parents and students that are at or applied for Veritas. That’s where I’m getting my information. What about you?

    I have stated in previous posts that I wish all the students and their parents well at Veritas. But there’s nothing wrong with asking about things you hear and speaking of things you’re told. No offense intended.

  8. dweeb you are right. If anyone knows these 2 seniors then they know they would have signed regardless of where they were in high school. Self is an exceptional pitcher and Nales is a great shortstop who plays an even better second base. These boys were actually being scouted before veritas even begun. But I must say, they have now set the precidence for the upcoming seniors there at veritas. Big shoes to fill!
    By the way, who are the other seniors? I heard there were only 4 and what type of students are they, I wonder.

  9. No matter what is implied anyone that went to Veritas does not care about academics as much as athletics, they went for sports, and I think that is fine also. RSJ23 above is parent of a NW player, her son is a great kid, but just not a great player – he went to Veritas because he was never going to see the field at Northwest. With all the young players at Veritas – he is probably found a place where he can play – no harm in that. But he is not a college player, does not mean some school with a JV team may not take him and his moneyGreensboro College, Wingate, etc) and he can play 10 games of JV a year. If you are a decent baseball players there is a school that will take you – does not mean you are a college player, just means you are not ready to give it up yet – which is okay to if you love the game.

    Basically most all of the baseball players at Veritas with exception to SELf, would have not started on their high school varsity this year – so they were sold on this new school with lots of travel and free training – so they gave it a shot. It is basically a JV team with one good pitcher – of course they are going to get killed if they play average high school teams.

  10. educator, are you stupid or what? This article is about 2 boys signing with Div 1 schools, and you say only Self would have been playing on a high school varsity team this year. haha you gave us a good laugh, surely you are not a real EDUCATOR to say something so stupid. Do you know how good you have to be to sign with a Div 1 school?????

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