UNC-CH, Butch Davis and Vaseline? Something to be thankful for

On a day when we are supposed to reflect on things to be thankful for, this little nugget has started making the rounds on the internet.

During his coaches show (whenever the hell that is), UNC-CH head football coach Butch Davis said:

“This is by no means an excuse for the game. But Shaun shared something with me after the game that i think our fans need to know. Now, again this is by no means an excuse….. Shaun was worried about the cold wind on Saturday. He told me he but vaseline on his face and arms prior to the game. Evidently after rubbing his face and such he got the vaseline on his hands……. We have a new rule in the UNC locker room…. NO MORE VASELINE”.

The “Shaun” that Davis is referring to is running back Shaun Draughn, who fumbled twice in the Heels’ 42-10 loss to NC State this past Saturday.

Now, if you hate UNC-CH like everybody who isn’t a giant douchebag does, this story is just too delicious. Naturally, there are threads dedicated to it at both the Wolfpack and Tar Heels boards.

I’ll refrain from making the juvenile and predictable jokes that come easy in the wake of this revelation. Needless to say, one of the things I am most grateful for on this Thanksgiving is that Draughn will have to face the music when he greases up for the game in Raleigh next fall.