CiCi’s Pizza NFL picks Contest

from Big Jim Modlin, Fitness Today on Randleman Road…..

Please give us the Total Points on the Carolina Panthers-Green Bay game and see if you can beat Big Jim and win the FREE Pizza this week. Get ready to make your picks.

Man oh man, I guess I’ll have to be perfect to be numero uno in this darned contest. 11-5 wsn’t enough to win with our group. I mean 13-3 is awfully strong, in any man’s picking fest. So here goes, striving for perfection!

Miami over St. Louis because they are St. Louis.

Oh what a time for back to back road games after getting hammered by Atlanta. Carolina bounces back on the frozen tundra in Green Bay.

New York is the NFL’s best-‘nough said-Giants win.

It will be cold In Buffalo-just like they like it. Buffalo over SF.

Baltimore keeps it’s playoff run going beating The Bungles on the road.

Indy is on a playoff mission now. The Colts beat Cleveland.

Home team here in this NFC South game. Tampa Bay to go to 9-3.

San Diego will win in a shootout over Atlanta.

How about them Jets-Bretts! They continue-why stop now? New York over visiting Denver.

Who cares about this one-Kansas City to beat Oakland.

Great late matchup Sunday a’noon! Pittsburgh on a hunch over New England.

Minnesota over da Bears in da dome.

Houston to spank Jacksonville in Big H!

10 thoughts on “CiCi’s Pizza NFL picks Contest

  1. ‘From worst to first…….
    Dolphins Packers Giants Bills Ravens Colts Bucs Chargers Jets Chiefs Steelers Vikings Texans
    Points 44

  2. Green Bay over Carolina
    Indy over Cleveland
    Baltimore over Cincy
    Buffalo over SanFran
    Jets over Denver
    Washington over Giants
    NO over Tampa Bay
    Miami over St. Louis
    San Diego over Atlanta
    KC over Oakland
    Pittsburgh over NE
    Minnesota over Chicago
    Houston over Jacksonville

  3. Green Bay
    Tampa Bay

  4. fish, Green Bay, Da Gints, Buff, Ravens, Colts, Bucs, Atl, Bretts, Chefs, Pats, Vikes, Jville

    35 points

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