Carter gets the call from Carolina

We have received key information concerning George Carter, pitcher/first baseman for the Grimsley Whirlies.

He has been heavily recruited by UNC and USC (So. Carolina) over the past couple of months. Both have made generous scholarship offers. After much consideration George accepted UNC’s offer and gave them his verbal committment today(Saturday).

Coaches Fox and Forbes said that they were very impressed with George Carter”s baseball pedigree and George looks forward to earning his degree from UNC. Carter’s backgound in baseball at Grimsley HS and on the AAU/Showcase levels helped him tremendously in attracting the attention of the UNC Tarheel coaches.

The coaches will be using Carter as a key building block for their 2011 recruiting class. Needless to say, family and friends are all honored. There is a long way to go and a lot of work yet to be done, but this is a huge step.

*****(From the Carter family) Thank you for your coverage of George last season. GREENSBOROSPORTS.COM was instrumental in getting the word out on him. We also owe Coach Ashkinazy great thanks, without him things would not have come about so soon.*****

Coaches Ashkinazy and Sutphin at Grimsley helped get George started and in headed in the right direction and when you look at the success of Clint Moore at Army(West Point), you know these kids have had a super upbringing; not only on the field, but in the classroom and at home with their families providing full support to their efforts.

Who will be the next great catch out there and what school will he or she come from????? Only time and the good Lord up above(Our head coach) will tell.