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Dudley Blow-Out Poll Started

We got a New Poll running at the bottom right column. Dudley Blowout This Friday.

You get 4 choices: by 12, by 24, more than 24, WRONG ANSWER – Northeast Guilford Wins.


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  1. More than 24….I salute NEG on a great run, but I just don’t think they have enough to withstand the Panther attack.

  2. Unless NE has something different than the first game Coach, players, plays something.******DUDLEY 36-0

  3. Ron,

    I’m confused now. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you seem to have more confidence in a team that played .500 ball than one that was 13 -0. Dudley pretty much destroyed NEG the first time. I will admit that I haven’t seen NEG play this year. I read about the adjustments made by the coaching staff which is most of the reason for the turnaround, but that won’t be enough in this game. Now, I think either you’re selling Dudley short or making an attempt at being modest. LOL.

  4. Damon,

    Remember what conference NE is in. They also played a pretty tough schdule this year, so they are battle tested unlike Ragsdale. I’m serious this will be a close game. Dudley-NE always play good playoff games and remember it’s hard to beat a team twice. We will win but it will be tough. Those boys are going to play believe that.

  5. Oh come on Ron. THis whole “Ragsdale wasn’t tough enough according to Ron” garbage is getting pretty old.

    No offense to NE Guilford – they have done an amazing job after an 0-4 start. Year in and year out they are a very tough team. And yes the conference is usually pretty stout. Dudley always is. Western Alamance usuually is but this year not so much. But any conference that has Bartlett Yancey, Morehead and Rockingham County can only be called tough so much. Ragsdale’s conference also has their share of doormats in Trinity, Randleman and SW Randolph. Otherwise I say the conferences are fairly equal. And yeah I know that NEG is still playing but it’s obvious they had the luxury of playing the weak half of the bracket. Those down east schools never make it very far.

    As for tough schedule – Ragsdale and NEG had five common opponents. Ragsdale went 4-1. NEG went 2-3. And against Dudley – NEG lost by FORTY FIVE, not 16. Tell me – was NEG still in the game in the fourt quarter, knocking on the door to get within three? Tell me again how any of the above says that NEG is better prepared to play Dudley than Ragsdale was.

    Just curious but what exactly did Ragsdale need to do to earn the mighty Ron’s respect? I’m not talking about the fans, I’m talking about the team, coaches and players. Dudley won. They had the better team. You do nothing but belittle yourself by continuing to bash Ragsdale.

  6. I think I have to side with Mark on this one. You beat them by 45…I understand that it’s a slightly different team with the changes in key skill positions, but you still have the same match up at the line of scrimmage. Panthers by more than 24 bro.

  7. To answer your question Mark. There’s not much Ragsdale could have done. From a coaches stand point the only chance Ragsdale had of beating Dudley they did not utilize much. Defensevly they were stuck in what looked like a 4-4 or a shade 50. Wrong move against Dudley. That creates too many running lanes. You give Tricky Ricky and Overdrive Overby those lanes it’s Katie by the door. It’s good night. Against Dudley you had better run a 6-2, 5-3 or 5-2 with a rover. With your Rover playing to the strong side. Dudley runs right at you they don’t run counters too much. They run off tackle and stretch plays. A good 6 man front shaded stops that. According to many they don’t beat you with the pass so a good cover 3 should work. Or cover 2 on one side and man up on the other. Offensively you run right at them. Dudley runs a variation of a 4-4 and 5-2. They don’t blitz their backers a whole lot so up front you should have a situation where it’s 7 on 5. Also as aggresive as they are on D you run bubble screens, and digs across the middle. That’s where they are the softest. Any kind of mis direction would help. To beat them you need to run a veer type offense similiar to what Georgia Tech runs. It’s all about mis-direction with them Also if you had a good TE this would prove effective. Everyone is caught up in the spread. This will not work against them. they are too athletic, and very rarely will you find a HS line that can protect you in the spread. There you have heard from the “mighty Ron.” NE’s offense will work just fine against them. It’s all about ball control. Look like Ragsdale would have made the adjustments. They also did not use their playmaker much either. #15


  8. Ron, I don’t know what game you attended but the Ragsdale/Dudley game I went to was a 20-10 game in the 4th quarter with Ragsdale having a 1st and goal inside the 5. The difference was Dudley made great plays in that series and Ragsdale missed a chip shot field goal. Overby scored late on a run to ice the game but was klept easily under wraps until then. We just did not see the “overdrive” you continue to talk about. The difference in the game for the Dudley offense is they were able to single block some of the Ragsdale D-linemen. This meant the Lbers were not free to roam and make tackles. They had to get off blocks to get to Lewis. You’re not going to win that battle a lot. Nobody had done this before and I congratulate the Dudley O-line. They also blocked well on the edges. They did a good job getting their hands on you inside the shoulder pads.

    You can talk all you want about the “sizzle” in Lewis and Overby but Dudley won that game because of their o-line and their D-line. This is not to diss Overby or Lewis in any way. But there were several players on teh field like them. There were not a lot of players on the field like the Dudley O-line and D-lines.

    As far as the schedule, is there anyone out there as weak as Morehead, Bartlett Yancey, and Rockingham? We knew going in that Dudley had not been in a tough game since the Page game, a team both Ragsdale and Dudley beat by 7. Dudley had teh better players in that game. We knew that going in. The question was how many mistakes would they make? Ragsdale needed badly to score when they had it 1st and goal inside the 5. they did not and hats off to Dudley for making the plays. However we knew if we could get to a 20-17 game Dudley might make a mistake. To Dudley’s credit, their defense did not allow that.

  9. I’m going to say this and be done with it. You named 3 weak opponents on Dudley’s schedule. I can name at least 9 on Ragsdale’s schedule. So let’s not go back and forth with the schedule thing. Being down 20-10 @ Dudley you might as well be down 35-0. Their D isn’t going to give you much more than 8 points so consider yourself lucky you got the 10. I don’t know what game you were watching but “Overdrive” had several big plays. He probably had about 90 yards on the night. I guess that would be considered keeping him under wraps. and you keep talking about the line play, what’s wrong with that.? That’s where all the games are won.


  10. dudley i like them and all but am makin a bold statement dudley will lose to neg by a fieldgoal because dudley cant kick one all year so which what i say dudley will go down in tears at home

  11. dudley i like them and all but am makin a bold statement dudley will lose to neg by a fieldgoal because dudley cant kick one all year so which what i say dudley will go down in tears at home……………………….

  12. Why would a post like this even be put up on this site. Dudley and Ragsdale both are good football teams,they really are 4a teams playin 3A ADM wise.They have atleast 300 to 400 more kids to chose from than NEG that makes a big diffrence.They better get it while it’s good,movin up two 4A and loosing 20 plus seniors. I would have loved to see this Dudley team play Butler or Indy can we say L.

  13. Watch out for Kannapolis Brown, I saw them play a couple of weeks back in the 1st round of the playoffs. They look very good. They have a very powerful offense, running and throwing, very balanced and don’t rely on passing or rushing. They have a kicker that bangs them through the endzone and kicks 45+ yarders like Page’s Matt Millisor. Overall, great team in all 3 facets of the game.

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