NFL Picks: 10-3 isn’t good enough for me! Perfection is my selection!‏/CiCi’s Pizza picks contest

from Jim Modlin Fitness Today on Randleman Road:

Here we go again after going 10-3 last week and only managed to NOT WIN the CiCi’s Pizza. I think I need to check the RULES of this game out like Donovan might should have done a couple of weeks ago!

*This game does not count in the contest. Thursday night NFL Network game-a stinker of a matchup, anyway, we pick San Diego because they are playing the Raiders.

Minnesota adds to Detroit’s misery. ‘Nough said!

Tennessee is still one of the top teams in the league. They beat won of the worst-Cleveland.

Houston is paying better, but not good enough to beat Green Bay.

Atlanta is on the upswing. New Orleans is heading the other way. ATL to win.

Speaking of the other way-Jacksonville will lose to Chicago.

New York will roll over Philadelphia. Say “hello” to Plaxico the Clown!

Indy must win-Doesn’t everyone playing The Bungles?

Must win for both teams-Buffalo at home over Miami.

New England will beat the super bad Seattle Chickens.

The Jets-Bretts can’t lose to SF, can they? NO.

Kansas City was my upset special last week-not this week-Denver in an old AFL matchup.

Now, here’s a really good one. Pittsburgh over Dallas just because of a hunch.

Arizona is the only decent team in the NFC West-St Louis loses to The Bills.

I like Baltimore’s team-i.e.-defense-The Ravens fly high over The ‘Skins.

Monday night for the NFC South Division lead. Carolina steps it up and beats their big rival, Tampa Bay in Charlotte.

Give us the Total Points on the Panthers-Tampa Bay game for the Tie-Breaker in the CiCi’s Pizza Contest. Two FREE pizza buffets, drinks and desserts to the winner.

7 thoughts on “NFL Picks: 10-3 isn’t good enough for me! Perfection is my selection!‏/CiCi’s Pizza picks contest

  1. sd minn tenn gb no chicago nyg indy buff ne nyj denver pitt arizona washington carolina 38 points

  2. San Diego

    Vikes, Tenn, packers, Atl, Da Bears, Giants, Colts, Buff, NE, Bretts, denver, Pitt, Zona, Baltimore, Panthers

    35 total points

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