Greensboro Coliseum Finally Gets Tennant

In a story from the News & Record not available online, it appears as if Matt Brown has finally filled the void in the coliseum schedule since he lost the ECHL franchise several years ago.

Apparently, in a Free Luncheon & Press Conference being held tomorrow at the coliseum; UNC-G is prepared to announce that the coliseum will become the home of Spartan Mens Basketball. It moves the Spartans from the close confines of Flemming Gym to the empty void of the coliseum. I suspect that UNC-G basketball will go with the 10,000 seat configuration – with 13,000 seats hidden behind the FAMOUS CURTAIN.

It’s not ice hockey; but at least the building will finally get some regular use. I was thinking that D.H. Griffin might be willing to do a “2 Fer” – tear down the auditorium; get the coliseum torn down for free.

It will be interesting if they attempt to sell alcohol. It’s a gray area.

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  1. They have tried this before. My fingers are crossed. It would be great for the city sports fans to adopt UNCG (or A&T) as the ciities Division 1 basketball team.

    BTW – They are playing Davidson in the Coliseum in February

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