Sports Cuts At WXII

Dave Goren who most recently was a guest on our Football in Focus is out at WXII. According to the Winston-Salem Journal, after 20 years they decided not to renew his contract.

I don’t where that puts WXII with regards to Sports. Goren was the ONLY FULL-TIME Sports Person at the WXII. Goren used news photographers and other reporter/anchors to help with the sports coverage.

With the economy, cuts are happening all over the country in the TV business. Let’s hope that WXII is not cutting their costs to replace a 20 Year Veteran with some rookie that doesn’t know Mt. Tabor from Mt. Airy.

2 thoughts on “Sports Cuts At WXII

  1. Man, I hate to hear that about Dave. He is really a good guy and a terrific sports guy. We may have gotten a glimpse of what “sports” might be at good old Channel 12 last night as anchor Cameron Kent read the script with video in the baskground. The trend nationally is to incorporate sports into NEWS like they did last night. I heard when FOX 8 was sold they would be heading in that direction. So far that has not happened. I beleive Dave will land on his feet-their and our loss, in my opinion!

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