HS football Saturday rewind:Dudley over NEG 52-7, Beg for MERCY

Dudley did it again last night with their 52-7 victory over Northeast Guilford and now they will take on A.L. Brown out of Kannapolis for the state 3-AA title next Saturday afternoon in Winston-Salem at BB&T Field.

Ricky Lewis scored 4 TD’s for the Panthers and NEG could only push across one touchdown by the Ram QB Darius White. Lewis got the first TD of the night on a six yard run, followed by a 60-yard punt return for a TD by Davarrius Martin, then White went in for NEG and Matt Johnson converted the PAT kick to make it 12-7 Dudley.

It was all “Panther Time” after that as Lewis went from 11 yards out right before halftime and he got the two-point conversion to make it 20-7 at the half. Lewis hit again in the 3rd from 39 yards away and the Panthers got the two to go up 28-7, then Lewis ran in for his fourth TD on a three-yard scamper and with another two-pointer it was, Dudley 36-7. The Panthers got a safety on a blocked punt to make it 38-7, then Denzel Jones got in on the scoring parade with a two yard run, the conversion failed, and it was 44-7, all Dudley, all-the-time.

J.R. Peterson closed out the scoring with a 19 yard TD tally(run) and he tacked on the two point conversion to make the final 52-7.

“All Dudley, all-of-the-time.”

That is pretty much the story. Northeast played their hearts out and they played real hard, mind you, but how do you stop Dudley??????

I asked Coach Steven Davis the Panthers’ leader and mentor that very question last night and he said you have to move some people around and get them in the right places to be effective against Dudley and the bottom line is, “BEG FOR MERCY”……

“If I were the opposing coach trying to stop this team, about all you could do is, “BEG FOR MERCY”…..
That’s what Coach Steven Davis was saying, and I believe he was serious and he is on the money. He has this team so primed right now that when they get rolling, they are Steam-rolling over the opponents.

Ricky Lewis Jr. and his Dudley mates are bound and determined to walk away with the title for the second consecutive year, and to leave out as one of the top football teams to ever come out of this city.

They are one game away from this becoming a reality, and we will find out if A.L. Brown will face a merciful Panther squad next Saturday afternoon at 4:30 in Winston-Salem.

I kind of doubt it, but with a name like the Kannapolis “Little Wonders”, you have to really wonder how long it will be before they begin to “BEG FOR MERCY”, in next week’s final……..

Other scores from last night courtesy of the Associated Press at www.news-record.com(We also had Don, Ron, and Joe keeping the web site hot last night with scores from around the state.) Good job guys, and as Joe noted, to have all of the 4-A teams from the same conference playing for the State Titles at that level, that is unreal…..Rocky Mount falling in the 3-A East, that is almost shocking…..

Here are those scores:
Scores from The Associated Press



(1) Fayetteville Britt 27, (3) Wake Forest-Rolesville 16


(6) Richmond County 30, (1) Charlotte Independence 22(Final:Britt vs. Richmond County, same conference)



(8) Fayetteville Byrd 9, (6) Durham Hillside 7


(8) Fayetteville Seventy-First 27, (11) South Mecklenburg 6(Final:Byrd vs. 71st, same conference)



(2) Greensboro Dudley 52, (8) Northeast Guilford 7


(4) Kannapolis Brown 30, (2) Kings Mountain 14(Final:Dudley vs. A.L. Brown)



(2) West Craven 22, (1) Rocky Mount 19


(1) West Rowan 35, (2) Belmont South Point 7(Final:West Craven vs. West Rowan)



(1) Reidsville 53, (2) Marshville Forest Hills 14


(1) East Lincoln 21, (2) East Henderson 7(Final:Reidsville vs. East Lincoln, Northern Guilford played and lost to East Lincoln earlier in the year for the 10-1 Nighthawks only loss.)



(1) Tarboro 28, (2) Jacksonville Northside 14


(2) Newton-Conover 52, (4) Boonville Starmount 6(Final:Tarboro vs. Newton-Conover)



(2) East Bladen 35, (5) Ayden-Grifton 13


(1) Thomasville 28, (3) Hendersonville 21(Final:Thomasville vs. East Bladen)



(3) Williamston 42, (1) Jones County 41


(1) Mt. Airy 52, (2) Elkin 6(Final:Mt. Airy Granite Bears vs. Williamston-“Home of the Perry brothers, Jim and Gaylord”)

10 thoughts on “HS football Saturday rewind:Dudley over NEG 52-7, Beg for MERCY

  1. I’ve seen Carver, Page, Western Alamance, Western Guilford, Northeast Guilford, Ragsdale and a few other schools play this year, too. They all HAD very good teams.

    I’ve seen 4-A State Finalist Richmond County, who defeated Independece Friday night. They have a very good team.

    All of the above were literally manhandled by one single team from the Triad.

    I’ve seen Dudley play this year, they have a very good…no, let’s be serious…Dudley has a GREAT team.

    Respect The Pride of the Panther! The undefeated defending NC High School State Champions, Dudley High School…going for the repeat.

    Congratulations to Coach Steven Davis and his staff, 15-0, and still hungry!

  2. My dad and I have been to all the Dudley games this year and this is BEST team we have ever seen.


  3. MANHANDLED? Western Alamance, Western Guilford, NE Guilford and maybe even Ragsdale were manhandled by the Panthers. The Carver and Page meetings were 7-point games and the Raiders of Richmond County came within 5-points. They all LOST to Dudley, but it is a stretch to put Carver, Page, and Richmond County under the same umbrella as NE Guilford and Western Alamance. As a matter of face, NE Guilford never had a very good team this year (Congrats on the playoff run, Rams!), and Western Alamance was a major disappointment (based off of expectations. However, I do agree that the Dudley Panthers are the best team in the Triad, and they are on their way to win the 3-AA State Championship..again. GOOD LUCK PANTHERS!!!!

  4. Did anybody see the way NE players tried to start a fight before the game.
    That look bad for the NE coaches………….
    Good Job Dudley coaching staff of handling that situation. I saw the entire deal first hand.

  5. raygc,

    Do you think that is one of the reasons why Coach Davis kept the Panthers in the locker room longer at halftime, so the NEG guys would already be back out on the field before the Panthers came back out?????

    You were on it, how bad was the pre-game altercation and what did you see, was it started by Rams or Panthers and who got the best of who?????

  6. Raygc has a good point. If Dudley has started something Friday night there would have been people climbing down their throat, and maybe have had a good reason to. Why no mention of NEG if there was an issue Friday night? Not that it needs to be played out on the internet but it should fiar and equal. While that stuff happens from time to time, the state semi-finals is not the place, especially before the game even starts.

    Joseph, I didn’t realize Ragsdale got manhandled. We got beat by a better team, no doubt. And we can live with that. It happens. The boys played hard and while they hate to lose they are not ashamed of their effort. And nor are we. The game was 20-10 in the 4th with us inside their 5. I didn’t realize that was being manhandled.

  7. Andy this was clearly started by the NE players .I could not believe what I was
    seeing they walked over to the Dudley Players while they were in their pre game warm up and actually started taunting. The coaches from both teams were not paying attention when one of the Dudley Coaches saw what was going on came over and kept them apart. The NE coaches did nothing it seems to me that it was staged.
    I thought I was at a CLEMSON VS SOUTH CAROLINA game.
    I hate to say this but I dont think NE wanted any of that.
    I will say that the Dudley KIDS AND COACHES handled it the way it should be ON THE
    FEILD 52-7.
    If this had been Dudley that acted in that manner the wolves would be out.

  8. Andy there is one thing to keep and eye on.
    The new county AD was there lets see if NE gets the same had it been Dudley.
    This is a perfect time to see what kind of person was hired for that job.
    I will keep this one in my back pocket to see what happens.

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