Dudley’s LONG Halftime Locker Room Stay Last Week: Getting Ready for this WEEK!‏

For those of you who were at last week’s State Semi-Final game with Dudley and Northeast, you most likely noticed that the Dudley team stayed in the locker room until the last minute before the second hal kickoff.
Well, it was not because Coach Davis thought his team might catch a cold in the night air. I asked Coach Davis if he was getting after them pretty good. He said, without hesitation “YES! I wanted to make sure our attitude was just right!” After Dudley scored right before half to take a 12-7 lead to 20-7, it was pretty obvious that the game was over-at least Dudley would win-the final score was all that was left in doubt.
Andy heard that the extremely minor trash talking before the game might have been mentioned, too. At this point in the season, with the big prize TOO close, I know Coach Davis is intent on keeping his team DISCIPLINED and FOCUSED. That was what that LONG halftime was about in my interpretation. I did not take a genius to figure that out.
I hope to have Kannapolis Brown scouting report today or tomorrow. Go Get ’em Panthers!