Joey Styles punches out JBL in Iraq

Joey Styles punched out JBL during the WWE’s Tribute to the Troops tour last week in Iraq, according to Mike Johnson of The story goes that JBL, who had been drinking, was hazing Styles and even went so far as to intentionally spill a drink on him. At one point, JBL and Styles had to be held apart by a group of wrestlers. When JBL broke free, Styles caught him with a punch to the eye that laid out the former WWE Champion.

Jason Powell’s POV: JBL has a reputation for being a bully and a hazer in the WWE locker room. It sounds like he got what he’s had coming for a long time. This should make Joey a hero in the WWE locker room. I think it’s safe to assume that Vince McMahon will mock JBL mercilessly over this one.

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  1. Now A.D. , How are we supposed to know that this deal was not part of the sham? I mean, when you’re dealing with wrestling, who the hell knows. I used to have people of some dgree of intelligence ask “Is wrestling real?” That’s like saying is the opera or a play real. well, yes, it’s real-real wrestling and of course choreographed to completion.

  2. Jason called this one the real deal, a “shoot” shot and not a worked event that is part of any current storylines.

    JBL made a druken blunder and Joey Styles took advantage of it.

    More power to Joey because JBL deserved it, but if I were Joey, I would watch my back, JBL is not one to be trusted in or out of the ring.

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