Can anyone tell us why the Charlotte Bobcats traded away Jason Richardson?????

What kind of move is this???? Is there any hope at all left for the Charlotte Bobcats? They just traded away their top-scorer Jason Richardson to the Phoenix Suns yesterday…..

What are the Bobcats up to? You get rid of your leading scorer, showcase player, and NBA All-Star in Richardson….With Richardson, Okafor, Wallace, Felton, Augustin, and Morrison at least you have some type of team…Can’t Larry Brown get through to these guys?????

Without a doubt; Richardson, Okafor, and Wallace are three of the BEST players in the league. I have watched their numbers closely….. What is going on with this bunch down in Charlotte?????

3 thoughts on “Can anyone tell us why the Charlotte Bobcats traded away Jason Richardson?????

  1. The only reasoning is to play better defense, rebound and allow more minutes for Felton AND Augustin. The good news is Diaw steps in for Stiff Sean May. They still need a bigger scoring guard…. just like the one they traded away…. maybe antoher deal in works?

  2. I think the first of many trades…this team is a joke. Brown can coach but not this bunch. Watch for more deals to come, only problem is they don’t have much in the way of trade bait. Couldn’t trade May to anybody…he can’t get up and down the court twice without needing oxygen. Team needs a complete remake

  3. Jason Richardson is a guy that will score 20 every night, and the guy he’s guarding will score 24.

    Former Carolina Cougar Larry Brown wants guys that can play defense.
    I am more upset with Dudley leaving than Richardson.

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