I found the score on the Page-Ragsdale girls game and the Dancin’ Man in Tigerland

I found the score on the Page vs. Ragsdale girls game from last Friday night. I had it on a small piece of paper that I stuck in my pocket on that evening and it was re-discovered this afternoon.

I went back to the N&R this morning trying to find that score because I mentioned it in an earlier post today with some vague details saying Page was up at the half and then the Pirates rallied to win.

I actually tried to find the score on Sunday at the library, but I couldn’t find the Saturday N&R on Sunday and the place I knew I would find the score was on-line at www.news-record.com and it wasn’t there either. I know that the Jamestown News does not come until at least Tuesday or Wednesday and I’m not sure if they do anything on-line.

To make a long story short, I had to find that piece of paper because those girls deserved that coverage especially since I took time to write it all down on that small piece of paper.

Here goes:
It was 25-18 Page over Ragsdale at halftime and the Tigers out-scored the Pirates 9-2 to make it 27-27 after three quarters. Page went down by as many as five points, but they battled back and were led by guard Brittany Drew and the Pirates pulled out the game and won it over the Tigers, 38-35.

Glad to get that off of my chest and now we have the missing score. During the boys game I sat beside Coach Bryan Galuski from Greensboro College and Page led 40-21 at the half over Ragsdale. Joe has the full blow-by-blow and Page did blow that big lead and Ragsdale came back and won by three points in overtime and that meant everyone on the home side got to see the Dancin’ Man in Tigerland.

This guy hits the floor and does a HUGE dance routine right when he is certain that Ragsdale is going to win the game. We are talking a grown man in his early to mid-forties in full stride on the gym floor break-dancing, spinning, splitting, doing a cart-wheel for good measure….This man has put on his Dancing Shoes and he has a way with the Blues as in Ragsdale Blues and a 2008 rendition of the Tiger-Rag…..

Very entertaining and he might be on the Dance Floor/gym floor again tonight when the Tigers take on the High Point Andrews Red Raiders. This fellow is a real treat from, “Down on Funky Street, Feeling the Funky Beat”…………….

“He says you got the Dancin’ Man from Tigerland”. Good to have you on board, good to have you on the floor…….