Paul makes the call and whips them all:Football contest update/Survivor skinny

As we get set to hike the ball, look out for Paul, he’s made the call, and might just beat them all, again this week.

Heading into the Monday night territory Paul is at the Mall making a haul as he nearly hit them all; going (12-2) on his NFL picks. Paul is part of the GSPN team and he can’t win the contest, but his numbers the past couple of weeks have been out of this world…….

Paul sits at (12-2), Miker and Kevin stand at (9-5), Ken checks in at (8-6), we see BigC at (8-6), Big Jim rests his case at (7-7), and Brad is having it bad at (6-8).

Did you see that SURVIVOR Gabol final last night? Bob finished first and he got the million dollars, Susie came in second, and Sugar ended up in third place.

This was the first episode of this current series that I have seen and it was very interesting. Bob, the 57 year-old physics teacher from Maine, is the winner and they had Randy on the show and he was crazy. He was ready to kill Sugar and Susie because they helped stick him with a fake immunity idol.

Randy was ready to set fire to them both and laugh in their face. Nicole was almost as bad, but nobody, not even Johnny Fairplay/John Dalton could top Randy. There was also a guy named Kenny(maybe 20-22) who was a video game champion and he was a bit nutty as the self-proclaimed gamer, but nobody could top Randy.

Randy was allowed to bring six guests/friends to the final show and picked six random people off of the street that he had never met before and brought them with him to the final show in LA.

This was the first Survivor show that I had seen in a long, long, time; and I guess they save the best for last, as was the case, from what I was seeing last night.