One of our Guilford County basketball players could be in some big trouble:We’ll tell you who and why TONIGHT at Beef O’Brady’s

We live in some crazy and dangerous times and with kids who knows what will happen next. Who will it be, where will it happen, and what are they up to, what are they doing now……..

Tonight at Beef O’Brady’s we’ll talk about some of that and hit the areas of basketball that are spinning under control and out of control……

Beef O’Brady’s on North Elm Street past the Pisgah Church Road intersection on the right hand side of the street as you head down the hill. It all starts at 7pm TONIGHT inside Beef O’Brady’s Sports Restaurant, a sports setting with over 40 TV’s tuned into the games, all within a family atmosphere.

Our guests will be Stan Kowalewski from Northern Guilford and his starting guard Jonathan Frye. Stan will tell us about the upcoming Wachovia Classic(Next Monday and Tuesday at NG) and look ahead to the Pizza Hut Invitational Tournament.

Kevin McCoy the co-chairman of the Pizza Hut Invitational Tournament will also be on hand and his old coach from Greensboro Day School, Freddy Johnson, said he might stop in on his way to the Page-Mount Tabor game.

Big Jim Modlin will give us a solid look at the College Basketball scene and tell us what to expect from all of the teams in 2008/2009. N.C. State and Duke are both in action tonight and North Carolina plays again on Thursday.

If you are in the neighborhood stop in and join in on the conversation or just check out the show LIVE by clicking on at the top of the home page.

3 thoughts on “One of our Guilford County basketball players could be in some big trouble:We’ll tell you who and why TONIGHT at Beef O’Brady’s

  1. Not sure if this is your headline story.. but Jordan Weethee, I’ve heard, is out with a partial tear in a ligament in his shoulder.

  2. Hey Andy, unless it’s an injury (something the kid could not help), I’m not sure I want to read about it here. Not complaining. I know this is a media site and a news site. Just if it were my son I would not want to read about it here. That’s all I’m saying. If I’m over-reacting i’m sorry. You know I like what you’re doing here ate teh site for Greensboro Sports and especially for High School kids.

  3. Although this is a “sports” site, the behavior and character of student-athletes should not ignored or “waxed -over” because they can run, jump, catch or shoot to the utter satisfaction of coaches, parents, fans and recruiters. I don’t think Andy (Greensboro should avoid these types of stories. As a parent of 3 current student athletes, I, too, wouldn’t want to deal with embarrassment, shame, dishonor, or reproach it may bring to our family, church and school(s). But we would have to…and we would, just as I’m sure many of you would as well. Although I don’t know the young lady from HPC, hopefully the same coaches, parents, fans and recruiters who are entertained by her God-given skill and talent will use her situation as a “teachable” moment with the children they greatly influence everyday. However, how and if she accepts responsibility for her decisions may very well end up being a better teachable moment for us all.

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